The LSAT, Moving, and Applying to Law School

Before taking the LSAT, I wrote a post about how stressed I was. And I was really stressed. I wrote about the weight of each and every test question, and how my overall score would be impacted by the questions on which I guessed. I whined and worried. I tried to joke about it, but I really was losing my mind.

In real life (not the interwebs), people would ask me how I was feeling and if I was ready, and I would tell them I was stressed, and they would basically try to persuade me that I shouldn’t be stressed, which made me more stressed. Also, I think there’s something to be said for each person having a process of preparation, and mine happens to involve stress… so it’s possible that my stress helped prepare me and helped improve my score, so eff all of the people who kept trying to talk me out of stressing.

Result of my stress: I actually ended up scoring higher on the LSAT than I had ever scored on any of my practice tests. Basically, my score was good enough that I should have no trouble getting in to any law school that is not Ivy League. Also, it means that I should receive some scholarship money.


You’d think I’d feel pretty awesome, but I’m actually stressed again.

I am now having all of my info sent to a credential assembly service, which is stressful to me. I am also taking more steps towards selling my house. I am also trying to figure out where I actually want to apply, which impacts when I should sell my house…

All of this is frustrating and, well, stressful to me…

Not having the internet at home or a printer at Starbucks, I end up having about 42 extra steps for each piece of paper I need someone to send to the credential assembly service, because I’ll go to Sbucks to use the internet, only to realize that I have to print something, which requires that I also go to the library. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it bothers me. It bothers me that I have to ask a ton of people to send a ton of things somewhere for me, and then I have to wait for them to do it. It bother me that I’m not sure how to make decisions about where to apply. Pretty much every step of this process bothers me.

For undergrad, I only applied to U of A, because I knew that’s where I would go. I knew I’d be accepted. I knew I didn’t want to go anywhere else, and I didn’t feel the need to have backups.

Now that I’m all growed up, I feel I should follow the advice of the experts, who think I should apply to something like 25 schools. Now, realistically, I’m definitely not doing that. I might apply to 8 schools, but it seems like a big, stupid waste of time and stress, because I really don’t intend to move. Applying to Boston College might satisfy some part of me that thinks it would be an adventure to move to Boston, but if I received a full-ride from both Boston College and U of A (which isn’t going to happen, but I’m just saying…), then I would stay in Arizona. Still, I feel obligated to think about all of the places I’m applying, just in case it might be a good idea to move, even though I really don’t want to move.

So, for your perusal, here’s the list of places I may apply… or I may only apply to the U of A again. We’ll see.

U of A


University North Carolina Charlotte

Wake Forest


Boston College


University of Oregon (or perhaps it’s Oregon State? I can never remember … the one in Eugene)


I expect I’ll be accepted to all of those except Duke. How do I even consider so many different possibilities? How do I even think about moving to another state, where I would live without Steve and Lori, my church, Victim Services, and basic knowledge of the city? How do I even think about living in the snow? There’s nothing worse than snow. I’m completely open to going somewhere for a few years, if it’s definitely temporary, but everything I’ve read says I should go to law school in the place where I intend to practice law. Moving to Boston for three years would be cool, but for the rest of my life possibly? I don’t know about that. There’s too much pressure on this one decision.

I know… 1st world problems, eh?



Wanted: Roommate Who Throws a Great Duck Funeral and Loves Aaron Sorkin

Roommate Kendra is moving out… well, sort of. She’s beginning to get more serious about it, and I’m saving boxes for her. And, the thing is, I’ve never had a better roommate than she’s been.

When Kendra and I first met to talk about the prospect of her moving in, I felt really nervous. You see, I’ve had 3 previous roommates, and it’s never once gone smoothly. I almost always manage to anger roommates by not meeting their emotional/home needs, and I really don’t notice anything is wrong until they get pissed.

So when Kendra said that she really didn’t get mad about things, I didn’t quite believe her. But I totally should have, because I feel I haven’t met very many of Kendra’s emotional/home needs at all, and yet, we haven’t ever fought. Not once. It’s been a blessed few years of living, and I so appreciate the respite I’ve found in home being home, largely because Kendra just let me be and didn’t try to reshape me at all.

Therefore, in honor of the best roommate there is, I’d like to create a top five list of Kendra expreiences:

5. The running – we didn’t run together all that often, but I loved talking about running, which is way better than the actual doing it. Also, I’ve been blessed to run a couple of Ragnars with Kendra, and she’s proven an excellent van mate.

4. The prank war – It was pretty epic coming home to find my coffee maker, painting easel, and a few other important items up on the second-story shelf thing… despite the fact that we didn’t have a ladder at home. I also loved that it took hours for her to notice the dixie cup tower I’d built in front of her bed room door.

3. Watching TV, especially The Mentalist and The Bionic Woman.

2. Madelyn’s First ComiCon. Kendra put together the cutest session for Hero Bear, featuring cupcakes and a build-a-bear contest. I knew there was a geek in her, just screaming to get out.

  1. The duck memorial, complete with slideshow, poem, and sappy song.

There are certainly others. The wine drinking. The Bible studies. The worship nights. That time when all of those college boys came over and used our showers. Will coming over ever Sunday night for awhile. Getting a turtle and a dog. Hearing about Victims’ Services calls and the food kitchen.

As I begin looking for a replacement roommate, I’m saddened, because Kendra is irreplaceable, and I’m nervous again that whoever takes the upstairs room will hate me for my dirty dishes and emotional detachment. 😦

I’ll miss you, friend.

So, everyone, make sure you give me a call if you know a low-maintenance female looking for a place to live in NW Tucson.

When I Don’t Have a Roommate

Roommate Kendra has a job in Phoenix. When that occurred, I really thought she’d be moving out within months. I even initiated a conversation with her about lowering her rent, but she said she didn’t want to do that…

Well, okay – if you want to keep paying half of my mortgage without actually living with me, I guess that’s you’re choice.

The plan was for Kendra to come home every weekend, which she did for like one month. Now, she hasn’t been home since October.

Being that I haven’t lived alone for 6 ish years, I’m currently really amused at the changes in my behavior without Roommate Kendra around.

  1. I do the dishes once a week. I pile the sink to overflowing, so that the kitchen isn’t even functional, and then I do the dishes.
  2. I shower a lot less. I know it’s ridiculous, but I don’t think I’d shower much at all if it weren’t for my need to seem clean and presentable to others.
  3. I play a ton of video games.
  4. I listen to a lot of sermons playing on my cell phone.
  5. I go up and down the stairs to get exercise/sit at the top of the stairs/try to be a ninja /whatever…

At some point here, I think Kendra will tire of paying rent at a place where she doesn’t live. And I may need a replacement roommate. However, I’m feeling like I’m getting too old for this. It’s such a hassle getting used to another person and her habits…