Books I Recommend

Required Reading/Classics

Catch-22 Heller

The Crucible Miller

A Tale of Two Cities Dickens


The Hunger Games  and Catching Fire  by Suzanne Collins (I didn’t love Mockingjay)

The Road Cormac McCarthy

1984 George Orwell


Harry Potter (the entire series) If you haven’t read these, you need to get on it. Now.

Graphic Novels/Comic Books


I Kill Giants

Alex and Ada

Christian Fiction

REDEEMING LOVE and the MARK OF THE LION trilogy by Francine Rivers

Christian NonFiction

God’s Pursuit of Man by A.W. Tozer (and anything else he’s written… he’s my fave)

Rid of My Disgrace by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

Other NonFiction

RENTING LACY by Linda Smith with Cindy Coloma

The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well by Deborah Needleman

Born to Run

Books about Writing

On Writing by Stephen King

Middle Grade

The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye

A Little Princess

8 thoughts on “Books I Recommend

  1. Hi Katie,
    I just commented on your post about your nephew’s baptism. Now I’m checking out your whole blog. Looks like a cozy place! I wanted to ask if you’ve read the Mark of the Lion trilogy, by Francine Rivers. If not, I highly recommend it. Good, good stuff! Blessings to you. I just started this whole blogging thing a few months ago…on mine I mainly process spiritual things – kind of an extension of my journaling/quiet time with the Lord. Please feel free to stop by anytime 🙂

  2. Hi, wordprocessor, I recently bought the Mark of the Lion series, and just started the first book. It has taken me a little while to “get into it”, but I am beginning to enjoy it. I hope I like it as much as Redeeming Love.

    Glad you found Katie’s page! She’s pretty great. =) I can’t wait to check out your blog too!

    • Hi Jordan! It does take a little bit to get into it, as you said…a lot of 1st century Rome/Jerusalem details. But, it is so worth it! I read both Redeeming Love and the Mark of the Lion trilogy about once a year, and I enjoy them more each time. Hope you like them 🙂

  3. Wordprocessor – I have not yet read the MARK OF THE LION trilogy. I totally want to, but I never seem to have enough time to get through all of the awesome books I want to read. It’s good that you recommend it, though, because I was firmly opposed to reading REDEEMING LOVE until it had been recommended to me so many times that I read it just to make people stop telling me to read it 🙂

    So good, though.

    I’ll definitely move the MARK OF THE LION up on my tbr (to be read) list.

  4. I do that, too…so many books I want to read. It is a long trilogy. I read it for the first time when recovering from a surgery. Now, I just let my kids run amuck and neglect my hubby and other responsibilities whenever I want to read it 🙂
    On another topic, I just saw where Hunger Games is going to be made into a movie. I loved that trilogy (except thought last book sort of stopped short…didn’t wrap up everything like I wanted).

  5. Yeah… MOCKINGJAY wasn’t my favorite book ever. I definitely thought it did way too much telling when it should have been showing. Katniss kept passing out and waking up after all the action was over. That was frustrating.

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