The Obligatory Holiday Post

Every year, I write a post about the holidays. Usually, I write about how difficult it is to have family within minutes of me, but more like a thousand miles away. I write about the Hilsts, and how much I appreciate them taking me in as their holiday orphan.

This year, however, was different. It had all of the makings of hurt and anger. Not only am I still estranged from family, but the Hilsts moved away. Not only are there always people at work and church who ask what I’m doing for the holidays, but this year I’ve only been at my job for a couple of months, so no one yet knows me well enough to know not to ask or how to ask…

But… I found a peace this holiday season.

I worked. I manned the coffee bar at church, and it was sooooo busy. I played video games. I ran. I made a pecan pie. I slept in. I read a lot of comic books. I spent Christmas day with friends…

And it’s such a strange thing that I did nearly the same things last year, but I was so unhappy. The human heart is such a mystery… 🙂

Happy holidays!


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