The Cancer that is Technology

I’ve been in the Sbucks for about fifteen minutes.

At the table in front of me, a mom threatened her twelve-ish year-old daughter with a public slap across the face if she didn’t stop using mom’s phone to play games.

Moments later, a six-ish boy and his father negotiated the boy’s privilege of playing a game on some sort of device… not a pad or a phone or a pod, but something else…

As the boy was playing the game, sitting at a bar that connects to the spot where the completed coffee orders come out, someone totally spilled a venti hot coffee, that spread out all over the bar and spilled a little bit onto the boy’s legs.

He proceeded to scream… it was one of those high-pitched child being beaten screams, and I really thought, Okay, the coffee was definitely hot, but it wasn’t that hot, and it was really very little of it that actually got on you…

Everyone in the store proceeded to freak out. There were something like six strangers wiping coffee off the kid with napkins. There were sad looks on all our faces.

And after about sixty seconds, I knew the kid was going to be fine, because he, between sobs, asked if he could continue playing his game – didn’t want human comfort at all anymore.


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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