Response to…. The Death of Conversation

I just watched this here TEd Talk, that is worth watching:

In case you didn’t go watch it just now… it’s a guy talking about how he took photographs of people who were next to each other, at dinner, on the street, wherever, but they were interacting with their phones rather than each other. The pictures are gorgeous, by the way. He uploaded them to a website called Bored Panda, and people fell crazy in love with the series.

It’s not really a secret that I hate what Smartphones are doing to us… and I get why people sometimes think I’m crazy. I even get why so many people say their phones aren’t a problem because they know how to make good choices with their phones. But I still think Smartphones are detrimental to human interaction and intelligence. I don’t think that because I hate technology, although I’d totally move to a society without any technology if it made any financial or survival sense in my life. Anyone want to pay me to live for a year without any technology, by the way? Depending on the paycheck, I might just do it.

Regardless, there was this one brilliant idea in the TEd talk that I want to implement in my own life… all cell phones go in the middle of the table at dinner, and whoever touches his phone first picks up the bill… anyone want to accept that challenge? 🙂


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