The Resignation

*I’m not sure what the rules are about the resignation letter, but let’s hope it’s okay for me to share it here.

Dear (My Principal),

In order to pursue other opportunities, I am resigning my position at Ironwood Ridge High School, effective for the 2015-2016 school year. While I’m not currently set on an y one specific opportunity for the future, I am confident that the seven years I spent in education, and specifically at Ironwood Ridge High School, have prepared me in more ways than can be measured for whatever positions I assume down the road.

I want to thank you, and the entire IRHS staff, for teaching me how to teach, as well as how to learn. I believe my colleagues at IRHS have shaped me into a more caring, more decent human being, and for that I’m forever grateful. In particular, I hope you’ll convey my sincere appreciate to the entire English Department, and especially Susan WIlliams, as a department chair who was there for me in more ways than she was required to be. Additionally, Terri Amonson and Eileen Jonaitis are two individuals who helped me believe in myself and the often-invisible impact I had on students’ lives. There are many more staff members at IRHS who have changed my life for the better, helping me laugh, preparing me for world travels, tolerating my observations in their classrooms, and introducing me to good books – both literary and not. The sheer number of individuals I’m tempted to list here is a testament to this site. IRHS was truly an excellent place to work.

On that not I hope you’ll accept my resignation, and fill my position with someone who can add to this community in a unique and selfless way. There are many things I’m tempted to write in this letter- many explanations I’m tempted to give, but I believe the situation speaks for itself. I am a young, passionate professional who believe in public education as an ethical mandate. I love students and I love stories. Thus, I can think of no better career than playing the match-maker between students and stories. However, I feel I must leave behind something I love and truly don’t want to leave behind. Perhaps I’ll be back in the future, destiny and district permitting, but, for now, I believe it’s appropriate to see what else is out there.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help with the transition – especially in regards to the Language Acquisition program. In intend to make myself available through the summer for the person taking over with the English Language Learners.

Sincerely and with gratitude,

Kathryn (Katie) James


4 thoughts on “The Resignation

  1. Your letter comes across as heartfelt and leaves the door open should you change your mind in the future and want to return. I would proof your letter though because there is a space in the word “any” in your first paragraph that needs to disappear. You meant to use the word note and not the word not in the first sentence of the third paragraph. Best wishes to you! I’m sure it will be hard to leave your students, and colleagues of seven years.

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