Willfully Putting Myself Forward for Judgment

I think you should all know that I’m currently working on getting my manuscript represented.

I’ve officially been rejected once, and I suspect I’ve been rejected a second time… it just isn’t confirmed yet.

The process of traditional publishing requires that I start by getting an agent. Basically, I have to hook an agent in a 3-paragraph letter, so that he/she will read my first chapter. I have to hook him or her even more in the first chapter so that he/she will read a partial (maybe like half) of my manuscript. I have to hook him or her so well in the partial that he or she requests the whole manuscript, and I have to get him or her to love the whole so much that he or she wants to work with me.

It’s obviously a really difficult task.

Thus far, my emotions are fairly stable, but I did just have the first true moment of doubt when I thought, “What if no one wants it?” Then, I proceeded to self-publish the book in my mind, with little success, and then I spent the rest of my imaginary future, writing books and self-publishing them, even though no one was reading them.

It was all very sad until I realized that I’m probably at least 50 query letters away from deciding to self-publish. I breathed a sigh of relief, and decided to check my inbox one more time… just in case my dreams are already coming true and I just don’t know it yet.


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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