An Arbitrary and Shamefully Judgmental Pet Peeve

I have a friend at work who is woefully overweight. I’m sure BMI classifies her as obese, if not morbidly obese.

I am not particularly gazelle-like in my own existence, but I am bothered every time I eat lunch with or discuss life with this friend. Her size, honestly, isn’t what bothers me. The thing that I can’t stand is how often she talks about or displays her inability to perform normal tasks that her body should have no trouble performing.

Example: She bought one of those go-go-gadget arm extender things so that she can use it to pick items up off of her classroom floor rather than bending over. Her body should be able to bend over. She’s in her 40s.

A few months ago, she started asking me to bring her a lunch everyday, which I’m happy to do. I buy myself five pre-made Trader Joes salads every Sunday, so, most of the time, I just buy her an extra salad. Sometimes I get fancy and make something more awesome than that.

When she eats her salads, she sometimes only uses half of the dressing packet, which is the source of my judgmental pet peeve. I know that she’s trying to save calories wherever she can, but that half of a salad packet saves her about 100 calories – 200 tops.

Additionally, she marvels at the things I can eat.

Additionally, she asks me to be her diet and exercise accountability partner, then claims that she can’t do much of any exercising. She can’t run, so I suggested she sign up for a 5k that she would walk. That was going to be too easy, she said, so I suggested walking with weights on her ankles or giving herself a time goal. She didn’t want to do that, so I suggested yoga; she said child’s pose hurts her knees. And all I can think is that her knees wouldn’t hurt so bad if she’d start using them. Also, they wouldn’t hurt so bad if she’d lose 50 lbs.

Also, she marvels at my ability to exercise.

And I just want to put her on America’s Biggest Loser so that someone would yell her out of this hopelessness.

Because the fact that child’s pose and running hurt is a bright red, flashing sign that suggests, “Hey! You need to run and do yoga!” Because asking me to bring her lunch every day isn’t helping her take control over her own eating habits, no matter how often she can talk herself into throwing away half of the salad dressing. She just needs to start using her body to do the things it should be able to do… like bending over to pick up the trash kids leave on her classroom floor.


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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