New Year’s Resolution: Final Answer

Okay, so I finally came up with the resolution that I’m doing.

I really like wine with chocolate, so one of my original ideas for the resolution was to back off on the chocolate. I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone that way, because I’d drink less wine just because I was eating less chocolate.

Additionally, I’m fond of financial resolutions. Ex: I’m only going to spend $100 on entertainment for the year. Eating less chocolate and drinking less wine would also have the advantage of helping me save more $.

However, one of the lessons I learned as an athlete is that it’s easier to accomplish anything when you think of it in terms of positives rather than negatives. When I was trying not to walk someone, I didn’t think, “Don’t walk this batter.” Instead, I thought, “I’m about to strike you out!” If I was going the negative route in my brain, and a particularly awesome batter was up, I was even more negative. However, if I intended to strike that person out, the positive was even more amplified.

I think the same is true when thinking of resolutions. The idea shouldn’t be to eat less chocolate, drink less wine, and spend less money. It needs to be more positive.

So… here’s where I’ve landed. I’m going to drink better wine.

I pretty much never buy wine that costs more than $20, and, in all actuality, I rarely even drink wine that costs that much. I’m more in the range of $12 – $16. I usually pick up one bottle a week, when I do my grocery shopping on Sundays. That means I’m spending like $100 on wine every month.

Instead of that, I’m going to start buying $30 bottles of wine. This will kill three birds with one stone, because I have to cut back to one (or two, occasionally) nice bottles of wine per month for budgetary purposes, which is going to lead to me also eating less chocolate.

And I’m really looking forward to the whole thing, because I’m going to be drinking better wine.

That’s my primary resolution, and I’m pretty enthused about it.


Secondary resolution: I’m going to cultivate the habit of falling asleep on my back.

I’m a weirdo when it comes to sleep.

I like to go fetal position, which isn’t that abnormal, but I also like the be severely bent at major joints. My wrists get jammed up underneath my neck, and I go to sleep with them at ninety-degree angles.

Usually, I wake up several times a night with my hands all tingle-y. Or I wake up sprawled, with my arms over my head, feet hanging off the bed, etc…

I think this has contributed to my depression.

I’ve slept starting on my back for the past couple of nights, and I haven’t woken up at all.

It blows my mind how much better I feel.

So I’m going to start starting out on my back. 🙂


Runner-up resolution: Master crow pose.

This is an advanced yoga thing, that requires me to hold my whole body weight up using nothing by my arms, and it’s in an awkward position.

It’s crazy. And awesome. And I still intend to work on it a lot this year. However, I’m not entirely sure my body type is even capable of doing this, and yet… it’s too awesome not to try.

What are your resolutions?


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