Red Dead Redemption with Katie: Part 2

Spoilers imminent! Get out while you can!

So, it turns out the Marshall only really helped me by connecting me with some guy named something West Dickens. He’s supposedly going to help me get inside the walls of the fort where my bounty nemesis (I believe his name is Bill Williamson) hangs out.

However, after helping West Dickens for awhile, he basically told me that I’d need to get some guy named Seth to also help. Additionally, West Dickens kept persuading me to help him earn $ by selling some magical, but not-so-magical, ointment that solves all physical and mental ailments. Eventually, some townsfolk got angry with him, and we had to jump on his cart and get chased out of town with men on horseback following us. I rode shotgun, of course. After that, I rode in some horse races, and seem to have earned enough $ for West Dickens to help me.

Next, I went and talked to Seth, who is crazy. He’s uber-thin, like Gollum, and he climbs into graves, searching dead people for half of a map. After something like four missions of helping him with the map and finding a treasure that turned out to be nothing more than a treasure chest with a glass eye inside of it, he finally agreed to help me. However, he told me that we couldn’t get the job done unless I got some guy named Irish to help too.

Finally, I went to Irish, who is a drunken sod, and misled me more than once. With him, I was trying to get a’hold of a machine gun. After a storming a mine filled with hostiles, and several other adventures, I thought I was pretty close to getting Irish on my side, but then his contact for the ammo for our gun was being held captive, and I had to get him out. I got him out, and we got the ammo. Then, it was Irish and me driving the ammo out of there on a cart, being chased by bad guys, when I died.

I honestly don’t die very often in this game, so it angered me a little bit.

I reloaded from the last checkpoint, which left me getting onto the wagon with Irish, just before the bad guys started chasing us.

Problem: the game reloaded with us inside the complex with the ammo, and the gate wasn’t open this time. And I couldn’t open the gate. And Irish kept yelling at me every time I walked away from the cart to try to open the gate.

So I gave up and watched a movie instead.

Next time…


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