The Psychosis of Runners

Hallucinations are no strangers… one ultrarunner kept screaming and leaping into the woods whenever he saw a flashlight, convinced it was an oncoming train. One runner enjoyed the company of a smokin’ young hottie in a silver bikini who rollerbladed by his side for miles across Death Valley until, to his regret, she dissolved into heat shimmers. Six out of twenty Badwater runners reported hallucinations that year, including one who saw rotting corpses along the road and ‘mutant mice monsters’ crawling over the asphalt. One pacer got a little freaked out after she saw her runner stare into space for a while and then tell the empty air, ‘I know you’re not real.'”

*Born to Run Christopher McDougall pg. 88

No hallucinations for me just yet, but I’m hoping my subconscious will put a floating iced white mocha in front of me like a stuffed bunny at the greyhound races. 🙂


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