Foul-Weather Friends

I’ve been talking to people at work.

I know, right? That’s not at all the way I normally do things, but I’ve decided to really give the socializing with adults thing a try. I kind of started at it last year, because I was unhappy enough to do things about it.

This year, I think I should just really give it a chance. I’m not at all unhappy. My schedule and situation improved exponentially over the summer, but I still think I should give it my all.

Problem: I’m realizing that teachers sometimes (and probably people in general) are only glad to talk to me when I’m in agreement with them. When things suck, misery loves company. However, I don’t think things suck right now, and it’s starting to feel like I’m not as appreciated as I was when I joined the fight for teacher autonomy. Now, I’m just Katie.

Writing. Reading. Running. Painting. Katie.

Is there such a thing as a foul-weather friend?


2 thoughts on “Foul-Weather Friends

  1. In general, teachers are an unhappy bunch. And they kind of like being that way. They say they want happy kids from productive homes with supportive stakeholders. Truth be told though if we had all those things there would be less of a need for a teacher. And certainly nothing to talk about.

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