The Standard of Personal Experience

The following comes from STORYLINE BLOG. It’s something stared by Donald Miller, but includes various contributors. John Richmond (From what I’ve read, he’s a big-time lawyer who prosecutes human trafficking cases on a world-wide scale) wrote this particular post and I thought I’d share the takeaway from it.
Basically, I felt convicted after reading it because I often judge my friends by the standard of personal experience, which is really unfair.

“Our culture habitually judges people by the skewed subjective standard of personal experience. This means that we generally show compassion when it makes sense to us, is convenient, or makes us feel better about ourselves.

However, our personal perception does not define reality for other people. Others often perceive circumstances and react to situations differently than the way we would. Many of us find little common ground with the people in our communities because we think their suffering is self-inflicted or looks different than ours.”


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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