And it Begins… :-)

I’ve always envied people who went to summer camp as kids. I went to Girl scout camp one summer, but I peed my pants and didn’t get to ride on a zip line because they didn’t have one. Also, there were no pranks. We did have an epic hide-and-seek in the dark adventure, where we had to find the counselors. Some of them were worth more points than others were because they would climb huge trees and camouflage themselves. Still the prank war/zip line hole in my heart needs to be filled.

Thus, I have decided to start a prank war with Kendra.

Some background on Kendra – her family is crazy. For Christmas they do a thing where they go all ninja and hide and seek the other parts of their family all night long. At first it sounded stupid and exhausting to me, but then her entire family showed up at our house on Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve Eve (I can’t remember) and they closed all of the blinds and hid their car. They even secretly flew in parts of their family who were out of state and they had an epic plan. However, the other Johnson faction changed all of the locks to their house earlier that day, so they couldn’t get inside and were trying to regroup in our kitchen. 🙂

It cracked me up and caused me to realize that Kendra can totally take anything I can throw at her. In fact, I’m probably at a severe disadvantage in this war because of her plus decades worth of experience.

So here’s how the war has gone so far.

Attempt 1: Beef cube in the shower head.

So… this one seemed like a fantastic idea, but Kendra hardly even noticed. She basically was like, “Why is the water brown? I should talk to Katie about that.” Then she showered and forgot to talk to me.

Therefore, I’ve decided to go more overt.

Attempt 2: I bought 120 Red Solo Cups and stacked them in the door frame for her bedroom. I filled all of the right-side up cups with water, and used tape to reinforce the structure. She should have to take each cup down individually and dump out the water. Also, she shouldn’t be able to not notice.


I decided it was best to do this today because I know she intends to stay up late tonight doing the Gospel Marathon (once a year, I invite people over to read all 4 gospels out loud together). She may have to work in the morning, because she has a weird schedule like that, but it shouldn’t ruin her life too much and should set a nice precedent for the level of our skirmishes.

Wish me luck!

Also, let me know if you have any non-destructive, non-mean prank ideas. I’m stacking up a queue of them so that I have plans for immediate retaliation whenever she acts.


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