The Secret Life of Comic Books

I don’t blame you if you don’t like comic books.

I used to believe they were stupid and only lazy, stupid people (or little boys) read them.

However, I recently started a series that has something in it I want to share.

The series is called Saga. It’s by Brian K. Vaughn, whose writing has never been all that appealing to me.

I tried Deus Ex Machina, which seemed like a promising premise – hero who is in action on September 11th, but doesn’t get to the second tower in time. I think maybe it was too dark, both literarily and visually for me.

I also tried Y: The Last Man, which had solid characters, but dragged a bit too long for me. Best part of the whole series was the pet monkey named Ampersand, which is a perfect name for a pet monkey, right?

So, Saga: Lovers from rivaling sides of a war, who have a baby and have to stay on the run from bounty hunters sent to keep them from uniting our warring factions. Great artwork! Funny, yet sensitive writing!

Now – to the point – two characters to introduce.

1. Lying cat – this is a bounty hunter’s sidekick. He’s a HUGE cat (think leopard), but he’s more than brawn. He can always tell if someone is lying and will say, “lie.”

2. Little girl has been sold as a sex slave. She’s probably about eight years old.

Our bounty hunter and his cat end up talking to the little girl’s owner in trying to find the lovers he’s supposed to kill. Then the pimp offers little girl to bounty hunter, who is disgusted. So he breaks her out of there, stealing her from her owner and giving her a new life.

On their ship, the girl and the cat are all curled up, getting ready to take a nap, and the girl turns to the cat and says, “I am dirty because of all the things I’ve done.”

and the cat opens one eye, and says, “lie.”

I know, right?

It gave me chills and I may have cried a little.

See, comics aren’t just silly or frivolous. They can have depth and often are touching.

*I’m sure I got some of the details wrong, so forgive me.


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