Film Review: Alfie

I admit I was expecting to watch Alfie and immediately lose all respect I have for Jude Law.

I LOVE Jude Law. His accent and appearance, of course, don’t hurt his appeal, but he also comes across as intelligent, down-to-earth, and even gentlemanly. And okay… he’s an actor, so I tend to think poorly of his type to begin with, but after listening to the commentary (yes, that’s something I do) on his film, The Holiday, I was about ready to accept him as a decent fellow and one that it’s okay to admire in a very girlish sort of way. You see, everyone on the commentary spoke highly of him in that way that is pretty genuine – un-cliched and whatnot. They talked about how comfortable he was with the children in the film, etc… and I thought that perhaps he was a decent guy.

Except for Alfie. In my mind, Alfie was a trashy sort of film about a womanizer. It’s rated ‘R’ for sexual content, some language, and drug use. Also, the film jacket starts off thusly: “For Alfie, life was about enjoying everything women could offer – one night at a time.”

And I stopped reading there. I’d seen the previews and had this movie pegged.

Problem: I didn’t know it’s a remake of a 1966 Michael Cain film.

And it’s rather dramatic.

And good.

And Complex.

I guess I can continue, in my very girlish sort of way, to admire Jude Law.


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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