Cleaning a Roommate’s Toilet… Creepy? or Awesome?

So, first of all, I was pretty excited to discover the dirty toilet – not because I’ve been looking for a toilet to clean, but because I’m usually the dirty roommate. Indeed, a previous roommate of mine actually cleaned my toilet. I don’t think of myself as particularly dirty, but I also don’t think of myself as particularly clean. I usually clean at least one toilet over each of my work breaks (so every couple of months). Floors are on a similar schedule, although my complete downfall is dishes. I usually like to let them pile up for at least two or three days before I clean them… if not more like a whole week. I point this out so that you’ll know I’m not a neat freak by any means, and that toilet had to be pretty disgusting to even catch my eye.

When my previous roommate cleaned my toilet, my thought about the whole thing was, “Whatever floats your boat.”

However, I wasn’t sure whether my reaction is the common one or not, so I went back and forth about it for like two weeks before asking Lori what she thought and then finally doing it. Kendra responded pretty positively, and all is well, but it’s an interesting topic, don’t you think.

Where does cleaning  a roommate’s toilet fall on the creep spectrum?


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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