You Realize You’re a Decent Human Being When…

… it’s 6:30 the night before grades are due. You’ve just settled onto the couch with a pretzel pocket and HP #5, but you can’t seem to focus on Hagrid’s quest to recruit the giants.

In spite of how hard you’ve worked to get all of your grading done so that tonight will be restful and work-free, you get up, pull out the old laptop and try to figure out how to access the grading system from home, which you’ve never done before.

Then, you look up the number for the parent of the biggest little shit you’ve ever taught. The idiot has been suspended three times this semester, once for drug paraphernalia he had the audacity to get out during your class. You don’t have a clue why he was suspended the other two times, but you know he’s got a long-term suspension hearing coming up. This morning, the dumbass was taking the final for your class (in the ISS room) and decided to get his phone out. Then, when admin. asked him for the phone, he refused. The shenanigans with the phone are grounds for an automatic zero on the final, and he’s getting written up for insubordination for not handing it over right away.

And yet… here you are, calling the kid’s dad, saying things like, “Even though I can’t really go against the automatic zero policy on the final, grades aren’t due until noon tomorrow, and I don’t think I’ve received little Johnny’s book project. He has a few late passes left, right?” Wink. Wink.

After all, you’ve been offered unmerited grace before, and it changed everything. Maybe it can change Johnny too.

Guess you’ve still got some grades to enter.



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