ME2 Nerd Post with Spoilers

Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy 6

Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy 6 (Photo credit: JBLivin)

With video games, I have a firm philosophy that you try the damn thing a ton of times before reading a walk through. That being said, don’t judge me for this one because this is my third time playing all the way through Mass Effect 2, and I was tired of the tech dying.



So, the first time I did the suicide mission, I chose Samara as my first team’s leader. I didn’t feel like I could choose Miranda because I thought Jack would get pissed, so I was like, “Hey – Samara is super old and she lives by a code. She will be respected by all,” – which she was. Miranda even said something to the effect of, “Great choice!” However, Tali was my tech… and she died.

I played it again, ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE DAMN GAME, thinking, “Tali must be in over her head.” So I chose Legion, keeping everything else the same. He died.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been pretty annoyed about the whole thing because I was like, “Dude! Tali is ridiculously brilliant with tech… she’s a tech specialist/Quarian mechanic. Who better to crawl through the vents and do techie stuff, right? Then, there’s Legion; the dude is a ROBOT! He’s perfect for tech stuff! WHYDOTHEYKEEPDYINGONME??????!!!!!!!!”

So I decided that on this third play through I’d ask the interwebs for help, and apparently this is a common problem. There are about 8 trillion variables that play in to the team’s survival. You can complete all of the loyalty missions and settle all of the disagreements correctly… and characters still might die. You can upgrade everything and everyone…. and characters can still DIE! You can even select the correct person for a task, and she STILL MIGHT DIE!!!!!

So… problem: the tech person will die because of the ineptitude/inexperience of his team’s leader. Samara may have been accepted as a respectable choice, but she’s evidently wrong and she gets Tali killed. Additionally, I learned that at the very end of the game, if you select characters with low defense scores (who are loyal and upgraded) to guard the door, Tali will also die. That one never happened to me, but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case someone else has that problem. Additionally, if you select a tech specialist who isn’t techie enough (Mordin) he’ll get your team leader killed.

The moral of the story… bad leadership sinks even the most techie of ships!

One more thing: I’m pretty jazzed that they’re working on ME4 🙂


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