Some Useful Plants… and Gregor… and Daisy… and My Lightsaber

Ah, Good Grief! The problem with using the internets in public is the public. I’m at Starbucks (of course), and there’s a girl with short, fluffy blond hair who looks to be 19 ish, standing a bit too close to me and my table. I clearly selected the table in the corner because I’m one of those people who come to a public place to be very private. Also, she’s starting at my books, and then at me and then at my books and then at me. I almost always have an odd conglomeration of reading material with me at the Sbucks. Today, it’s Watchmen (I’m determined to finish it for real this time), The Bible, opened to the book of Joel, Writing the Breakout Novel, and a Hallmark card with a picture of Yoda on it. And, okay, I get that that’s odd, but come on… didn’t your parents teach you not to stare? Also, she’s staring in a creeper sort of way. If a man stared at me like that, I’d probably leave quickly.

Anyways, back on track, now.

Here are some pictures:

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So… now that you’ve seen my photos, I’d like to offer you a chance to rename Daisy. I think that my dog statue has an incredibly feminine look: slender neck and snout, perky ears, dainty sitting posture, but, okay, she arrived with parts that sort of keep her from being a girl. And since I don’t want to emasculate her, I would like suggestions. Everyone who feels inclined should give me some boy name options in the comments below, and if you come up with one that I can get behind, Daisy will change genders. If not, she will now and forever more be Daisy.


One thought on “Some Useful Plants… and Gregor… and Daisy… and My Lightsaber

  1. I think he is an aristocratic looking dog and needs a name like Dempsey or maybe something British. He fits with the chair. Good pick.

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