I Survived Ragnar SoCal 2013!!!!

Hello, dear readers!

This year’s Ragnar Relay was the freakin’ most torturous race I’ve ever done, but I survived!

For the past two years, I’ve run the Ragnar Del Sol, but this year, our team switched it up by doing So Cal, and it was horrendous-amazing.

Horrendous Factors:

The desert is flat… so there is no possible way to train for California’s hills

I tore my quad a little over a month ago, and couldn’t completely train for my longest distances

CA traffic sucks, so we couldn’t support our runners very well (my van obviously hates me because they didn’t stop for me at all!)  🙂

The runners who sign up for SoCal seem to be real runners, whereas the ones at Del Sol are often just crazies who don’t have anything better to do for a weekend, so they were all really fast and no fun at all. Ragnar is all about decorating your van and covertly tagging other teams’ vans, acting like a teenager, cheering loudly for every runner you see, and every other stupid-jubilance you can imagine, but serious runners don’t do all of that as much, and they mostly just run and ignore their responsibility for bringing the fun.

I was running longer distances than I have in the past, so the other teams put real runners on my part of the course and they all ran past me… one girl passed me on every. single. leg. I ran.

It didn’t seem as hot as it was, so we had a case of dehydration that ended us up at the first-aid tent. There was also some vomiting by a couple of team members and a possible broken foot.

Joseph didn’t run!!!!!!!!! He was in my van for every other Ragnar I’ve run, and without him, I’m the only returning member of our inaugural 2011 van 2. Also, there was no one to sing loudly while I’m in the porta-potty

Amazing Factors:

I ran farther than I ever have before and feel like a real runner… 18 miles exceeds all reasonable expectations

I ran some freakin’ crazy steep hills and only lost a minute per mile (one of my hills was a dirt trail that was steeper than a 45 degree angle)

I felt a great sense of overcoming obstacles. My previous Ragnars went pretty smoothly and I didn’t have any excuse for not doing well. In this one, I had at least 4 admissible excuses, and yet, I triumphed!

I Angel Stadium Sign2got to run Angel Stadium Far Offpast Angel Stadium!!!!! Angel Stadium Sign1

I burned more than a half a pound of calories in less than two days

We had a truly excellent team… I’m not sure our previous teams would have made it, but everyone this year pulled their own weight and helped each other out.

Half of our team has run a previous Ragnar and close to half had run two previous Ragnars, so we were much better prepared than we’ve been before… there was a calm collectedness in our struggles that’s never been there.

Beach with Flowers Last Major Exchange 1BEACHES!!!! Beach with Flowers Last Major Exchangethere were some GORGEOUS exchanges on this raceCoronado Island View from Finishline

I don’t feel as terrible as I usually do. I usually struggle to walk after a race, but this time, I’m only slightly sore.

We raised over $10,000!!!!!! I still haven’t met my personal goal, and you should click here to view my runner profile and donate $25 to Open Doors Community School, please, but as a team, we were superhero support raisers!


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