The New Roommate

So…  a couple of months ago, I bought a house, and it’s awesome. I have thoroughly enjoyed my solitude, but I’ve also been praying for the right roommate to come along. I don’t particularly need a roommate, but it’s nice to know that someone else is around, even if I don’t want to talk to her. With roommates, I enjoy lounging around, discovering bad TV shows and movies, and also going for walks. However, I’ve had enough roommates now to feel cautious about the whole thing, because I want to improve upon my solitude rather than just end it for the sake of $.

Because of my ambivalence about living with another person, I haven’t been particularly proactive about finding one; I’ve put the news out there to people in my circle that I might like to rent out a room eventually, but I haven’t done anything beyond that.

Enter Kendra.

Kendra is someone I don’t know very well. but I’ve been in a Bible Study with her for a few months and she seems pretty chill. She emailed me last week letting me know that her lease is up in June, and she’d be interested in renting one of my extra rooms. So she came over and we talked for a couple of hours.

She seems delightful – like the type of girl who doesn’t need me. I know that’s weird, but I’ve realized that the primary complaint girls will have about my personality is connected to my inattentiveness to her (often unspoken) emotional needs. And, let’s be honest, the previous roommates are not wrong about my neglect. It’s real. I do not care about the minutia of another person’s day, which sounds rude, but you have to also take into account the absence of care I show for the minutia of my own life. I often don’t notice when someone cuts me off in traffic, and, in fact, I probably won’t remember a single thing from my entire day just 24 hours after it’s over. I rarely remember offensive or rude things people do to me because I’m a teacher, which means people are rude to me all day. So… I need a roommate who doesn’t need me or want/need me to need her. Thus far, Kendra seems to fit that description, so I’m hoping it’ll all be perfect and lovely with her. 🙂

Sidenote: I’m very excited about having some extra income, because I’ve discovered that making my house into what I want it to be is absurdly expensive. Patio furniture, bakers rack, curtains for a few rooms, dresser/bedroom skinny table, wall decor, fire pit, grill and about twenty other items are currently on my list… of course these are silly, 1st-world sort of needs, but I’m excited about them nonetheless. I haven’t yet posted any pics of the house, but I should probably get on that, eh?


2 thoughts on “The New Roommate

  1. I have extreme ambivalence about living with another person. I don’t know what type of person they might be. I don’t want to give up privacy and I don’t want to worry or babysit the “roommate”. But I’m considering ignoring all of my “hangups” re: a roommate cuz I’ve got a five bedroom home and need some assistance with the mortgage. But whenever I think about a roommate, even thought I could put them on the other side of the house away from me I just get tight jawed…ugh..but if I could find someone like your Kendra…that would be great! I hope it works out well for you!

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