My 10 Must-Have Foods for Home

Now that I’m a home-owner, I feel inclined to eat at home all the time, and I’ve rediscovered the way I would eat if no one was around to judge me or eat my foods. 😉 Although girl scout cookies, beer and any number of other items go untouched in my fridge, there are a few must haves, including (but not limited to):

1. Peanut Butter M & Ms

2. Popcorn (it goes well with the m&ms, also, it’s great if you dump some Parmesan on it)

3. Graham Crackers (splurge and get the real brand; it’s worth it)

4. Peanut Butter and Honey

5. Tortillas and/or bread

6. Cheese (preferably shredded sharp cheddar and/or slices of sharp cheddar to go with the apples)

7. Apples and Bananas

8. Garbanzo Beans and Tahini (For Making Humus, which is delightful and versatile)

9. Yogurt (pairs well with honey)

10. Eggs

Of course, Hot Cheetos should probably be included, but they’re a bit of a luxury, so I left them off. Other items I considered were spaghetti squash, pasta sauce and noodles, and chicken (just the normal stuff you can freeze, then fry, bake, etc…) Rice is also pretty great as well, because you can throw it into just about anything and it does alright.

So… what do you think of my list? Am I missing out on anything? What are your must-haves?


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