The Ragnar Relay

Ragnar Label

Dear Readers,

I’m running the Ragnar Relay next month to raise $ for a community school, and I REALLY need help to reach my fundraising goal. Because I’m paying my own way for the race (as are all of the team’s runners), all of the $ you donate will go directly to Open Doors Community School and is tax deductible.

I have $700 more to raise in the next month, and am hoping you’ll help me out with a $25 donation.

Pretty, pretty Please… Please… PLEASE click on this link to check out my runner profile and make a donation.

If you aren’t sure what the Ragnar Relay is, here’s the DL:

It’s a 200 mile relay race (192.9 miles to be precise) . Our course runs from somewhere near L.A. to somewhere near San Diego (I’m not too knowledgeable about California geography). There are twelve members on our team, and we’ll each run three legs of the race. We divide up into two vans, and one van will always be racing, and the other will be resting until we finish the race. The vans drop each of their runners off and support them with water and enthusiastic cheering, and then meet them at their exchange points where the next runner takes over.

I am signed up to be runner #4, and my legs go as follows:

First Run                                                Second Run                             Third Run                       Total Distance

4.7 miles | Moderate 6.7 miles | Very Hard 6.6 miles | Easy 18 miles

So… I’m a little nervous because this is my longest Ragnar distance thus far, and it’s a pretty rough race even for runners who are responsible for shorter distances. Also, I tore my quad not so long ago, and haven’t been able to train as thoroughly as I’d like.

But… Ragnar is my favorite race of the year, and AZYP played such a crucial role in my foundations as a teacher, that I wouldn’t miss it for the world. And I’ll feel all the more hard-core when I overcome my body and stand triumphantly at the finish line!

Please consider helping me achieve this goal by sponsoring me with whatever amount you can spare.

Much love,

Ms. Leigh

That's me handing off to Daniel at my last exchange. :-)

That’s me handing off to Daniel at my last exchange last year. 🙂


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