Reasons I’ve Been an Absentee Blogger of Late

1. Taxes – I just now finished up, and it’s one of the greatest feelings ever!!!! (Unless they want more $, I suppose).

2. Thursday is my only free day. I really need to do a better job with saying no. I’ve come to the conclusion that signing up for softball and then tearing my quad was detrimental to my sanity. Now, I have to go to practice tonight and try to use my leg, even though I don’t want to and don’t see it going well. Then, even if tonight reveals that my leg is too jacked to play in this week’s game, I still have to go to the game and support the team… or do I? Maybe I’m just an over-achiever and should no-show tomorrow and get some rest and writing time in. 🙂

3. Two bible studies… that are reading really difficult texts. I one of my studies, we just finished up “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, which was oddly helpful for my career, since I teach American lit. This week, I’ve got to read a chapter in KNOWING GOD. Also, my other study is reading THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP, and since both are so awesome, I refuse to miss ever.

4. Exercise – in addition to the torn quad and softball, the Ragnar Relay is coming up next month, which means that I have to get my leg working again, get back up to tip-top shape, and raise some support.

5. The Book Festival – Tucson throws a yearly book festival, and I went yesterday, so the blogging time just wasn’t there.

What have you all been up to, friends? Anything awesome?


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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