The Impromptu Day Off

Hello, dear readers!

I’ve taken a mental health day today, because I woke up feeling incredibly burnt out with my students. This weekend, I stayed pretty busy, so I didn’t get much of a rest, and I felt like I needed one… you know, to buy food and take care of some of those other pesky life responsibilities that I often neglect. 🙂

Part of the reason I needed a day off today was because I had teacher nightmares all weekend. Now, teacher nightmares aren’t really all that bad, because, for me, they don’t involve death or destruction (although they probably do for other teachers) and because they only come around at the beginnings of semesters. This weekend, my teacher nightmare was that two of the students I rely on most in my favorite class decided to cause trouble, and I couldn’t get them back under control. I used to have dreams that my teeth fell out, and the sense of panic I had in the teacher nightmares of this weekend was pretty similar to that. One of my teacher nightmares that is the most comical, is the one where a student shows up naked. Now, don’t get the wrong idea… I don’t actually see naked students in my dreams. It’s never a real-life student, but more of a nameless mystery person, and he or she always looks like Barbie and Ken look when they’re naked, so no actual parts or anything. The nightmare of it is that I’m in charge of the situation and I have to find a way to fix it, but the damage has really already been done, right? I can’t take back the fact that thirty or so kids have just seen a naked person and will never be able to escape that memory.

In just a second, I’ll publish a real post for you, because I have been writing, believe it or not, and I even revised this one a bit.

Much love,




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