The Bad Relationship

Imagine this: You are looking for someone to date. You go on some first dates, but decide that none of those is right for you. So you hold out… for “THE ONE”. The one that’s perfect and beautiful and seems perfectly in love with you as well.

You find “The one.”

The two of you begin what seems to be the perfect relationship. You start to imagine your life with “the one” five, ten, twenty years down the road. Of course there’s some communication that needs to occur (so that things don’t fall apart right after “I do”), but everything seems to be on-track.

You’re together for four months, and everything he says leads you to believe he’s going to propose soon. So you buy some bar stools.

And then…

He cuts your heart out with a spoon and walks away.

That’s what the seller’s bank did to me.

They made me wait four months! To reject me!

So… what was my response?

Rebound house.

Rejected Thursday.

Viewed new house Friday.

Signed some paperwork and began new relationship Saturday.

Let’s see if this one is “the one,” and let’s rejoice in the fact that conventional sales have time restraints and I should know very soon whether I should go out and buy more furniture or not. šŸ™‚



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