Thanksgiving in the Desert

It’s 80 degrees out today.


80 degress.


So much for wearing mittens.


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in the Desert

          • Oh it snows here! Mother Nature is confused where I live. Or she has a crappy sense of humor. It gets 110 in the summer and freezing in the winter. There’s been winters where I was snowed in for a few days, not that I’m complaining because that just a perfect excuse to stay home from work.

            Current weather right this moment is frikken windy!!! Always always windy about 10 mph winds right now. Nothing stays put, the trees grow horizontal and the people in the city obviously forego any attempt at grooming, e.g., combing their hair, wearing shoes instead of slippers, and hats. Hats are something that stay in the closet. If you dare to fight nature and wear a hat it will be snatched off your head upon exiting any building. They’re too lazy to give chase to that hat that flitters down the unpaved dusty road. Have I mentioned that I don’t LIKE it here? 🙂

  1. Sorry you can’t wear mittens (I’m assuming you wish you could :)). It went from 70-something on Thankgiving to a high of 48 yesterday. That’s what it always like here in Memphis…up and down and back up again.

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