Ah… to have the heart of a teenager.

I’m still grading short stories, because I’m the slowest grader ON. THE. PLANET! So… for your reading pleasure, here’s my favorite paragraph a student has written. It’s near the end of her story.

“Cara felt her heart grow for him and was immensely in love with him. She felt infinite. Soon, the zombies would be there, wanting to eat their flesh, and there was absolutely no way out. Emotions filled all of the kids. They were anxious and frozen right where they were. The zombie’s snarl was close. The kids felt paralyzed and horrified as they saw all the zombies aggressively and barbarically coming for them.”

Other good lines from that story:

“Cara quickly ran out her door like a cheetah boss.”

“‘RRRAWWR!’ the ugly zombie said. He dropped her friends and charged for Cara. Cara was aghast.”

Do you think she used her thesaurus for that one? 🙂


One thought on “Ah… to have the heart of a teenager.

  1. I have the heart of a teenager… right next to the brain of a really old guy in my fridge… but they are just there to toss and distract the zombies…
    (I have no idea why I felt the need to type that, but there you go)

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