I have become obsessed with Goodreads, so now I’m going to promote it to you.

Goodreads is a networking site that’s focused on books. I know it sounds lame. It isn’t.

You create a profile, which is awesome because it compiles a list of all the books you’ve read, are reading, and want to read. You also get to rate the books and review them, which is nice, because it gives you a record of what you thought so you can look at it and not have to remember. The site then generates recommendations for you based on your ratings.

I know. You still don’t think it’s awesome.

It is.

You can also enter giveaways, and even though I’ve only had a profile for two or three weeks, I’ve already won a giveaway.


Here’s the link to the website.

Also, you should befriend me if you sign up. Here’s a link for that.


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