My So-called Life…

Look at me, posting THREE days in a row!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about what’s going on with me, so for those of you who read STILL GROWING because you know and care about me, here’s what’s going on in my so-called life…

  • I stand amazed at the blessing my job has been this year. I’ve grown closer with my colleagues, and been amazed at their proficiencies in one of the most challenging professions in existence. I’ve also been blessed by students who are trying. In the five years I’ve spent as an educator, I’ve come to expect classrooms full of apathy and nonchalance… and not just about scholastic achievement, but also in regards to character. More often than not, students seek cheap thrills that distort and corrupt their person, rather than toiling through the obstacles blocking us all from being more than we are. However, this is the first year in which I’ve felt a distinct effort from the majority of my students to improve. They want to be kinder, more loyal, more eloquent, better prepared, and overall, excellent human beings. I’ve been flabbergasted to already have seen several students grow several sizes (just like the Grinch’s heart). I’ve taught well, and they’ve learned well, and the classroom has been what it ought to be. I’ve been close to tears as the relationships grow, and students genuinely want me in attendance at their inductions into National Honors Society, football games, and performances in the school musical. I don’t think I’ve ever had quite so many students genuinely want me to know them… and of course I’ve also never had quite so many students, period, but this year is still somehow different.
  • My church has moved into its own building, and things are moving towards the really wonderful. I wish I could say that I helped make it happen, but, in truth, I struggled with my church and my expectations, often wondering if Holy Cross was where I wanted to be. I had several talks with Pastor Pete, trying to figure out where I fit, how I should serve, whether I’m being sinful in attending another church’s Bible study, and none of that was very helpful to anyone, but I’m starting to settle in now and appreciate Holy Cross for what she is. It’s really nice to see God blessing our church and to witness her coming into her own. I’m not sure why the building has made such a difference, but it really has.
  • I’ve lost 6 pounds! It’s running season again, and my body responds impressively well when I train. Maybe I’ll drop another pants size and even beat my personal best of 2 hrs and 18 mins for a half-marathon. Also, I’m very excited to be running Ragnar Southern California next year. Each runner evidently gets to run next to the ocean for at least one leg of the race, which sounds spectacular.
  • I haven’t heard any definitive news about the house I’ve put an offer on, but the seller’s bank has made some changes to the contract, which I went ahead and signed… the best change they made was to give us 60 days for closing. Since my lease isn’t up until March, that’s perfect for me. That means the earliest date I could be a homeowner is in early December, and I’m hoping it’ll be more like February, so feel free to join me in praying that the bank will drag its feet just a little bit. 🙂
  • My uncle David died. Unfortunately, he and I weren’t close, but I’m still struck by his story. He died of a heart attack, and his body stayed at the hospital for longer than two days because no one could reach his next-of-kin. The sad reason for this is a valley that existed between him and my father, but of all the things my dad has done for me, I’m proudest of him for his decisions about his brother. My uncle wasn’t particularly good or careful in his relationships with my mom, sister, or me, and my dad chose distance from him because he wanted to protect his girls. So my uncle was separate. I don’t know if I’d say that he was alone, but I certainly hope my body won’t sit in a hospital morgue for any longer than it has to.
  • I managed to make it through my earliest years of adulthood without the common frustration many experience that all of their friends are getting married. However, I’ve now seemingly entered the Spring season in which Thumper and Flower become twitterpated… and let’s hope I, like Bambi, am not too far behind them, and also that they all throw spectacular parties. 🙂
  • Earlier this year at Phoenix Comicon, Ashly and I discovered the amazing art of pumpkin chucking, and the annual festival in Tucson will be happening at the end of this month. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt a sense of anticipation that was quite as strong as what I’m currently feeling. 🙂

I think that’s the important stuff that’s going on with me. I’d love to hear about the major events in your lives, and I’ll probably be checking in at all of your blogs this week since I’m off of work (Woohoo for Fall Break), but also feel free to let me know anything major down in the comments section. I’d love to know how I can pray for you all this week.

Much Love!


2 thoughts on “My So-called Life…

  1. So happy to hear your teaching year is better! And, I hope you have a great time at the pumpkin chucking! I gotta say, that has never been on my to-do list, but I have enjoyed watching clips of it on TV. LOL!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ (Pat)

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