One of the English 11 vocab. words on the curriculum is inundate…

Therefore, I thought it appropriate for me to inundate you with all of the info I’ve got.

Here goes…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Those pictures range from the recent to the VERY OLD. The most recent ones are of my trip to Flagstaff with Shasta and Ashly for Shasta’s bday. Today, I was all, “Shasta! You never gave me the pics from Flagstaff!” And she was all, “Ummm… excuse me. I put them on a thumb drive for you, but you’ve been too lazy to retrieve them.” My response? “Oh. Right.”

There are also some pics from Mongolia included in there, because I was recently reminded of when my students talked me into riding an amusement park ride when the electricity was out, then drink 2 liters of OJ, then eat some ice cream… then I went to visit their homes, and they offered me horse.

There’s also a pic of me and Melissa H. at our first ever Comicon.

I also think you need this picture here:

Because this bug totally rode to work on my window. It was like 20 minutes of 45 mph, and yet, he hung on. I think it’s because he was a Katydid bug and my name is Katie.



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