Libraries are SO Cool!

I teach freshmen this year. What that means is I get to be the one who takes them down to the school library and teaches them how to use it. I’m the one who convinces them that learning to type is a must, as is having an email account. I don’t know why freshmen don’t believe those two things, but they don’t. I’m also the one who brings in guest speakers from the public library and tells them they need to get (and use) a library card.

You know what’s really stupid about that?

My library card was expired until yesterday.

As I was listening to the guest speaker telling students all about the library and how wonderful it is, I simultaneously agreed with her, and yet had no intention of taking advantage of it.

She was going on and on about the teen room, how many books a kid can check out, and volunteer opportunities, when I heard something very magical. “Free music downloads.”

Wait. What?

That was NOT an option when I was young, and, okay, so music downloads didn’t really exist when I was young, but it seems like I should have known what was available to me. After all, I am an English teacher, and I do have an expired library card in my wallet.

So… I went down to the library, and got a new card.

And I started looking around.

And do you know what?

Libraries are awesome.

I’m not very good at reading books within any set amount of time, which is why I haven’t used the library much to check out books. However, the library evidently has DVDs now. So I checked out season 5 of The Office. I also checked out The King’s Speech, because it was free. I would never pay money to rewatch, but I can certainly do it for free, eh? AND I checked out Our Town, which I have not seen.
Then, I went online and downloaded my three free songs for the week (“Drive By” and “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” by Train and “Angel Eyes” by Love and Theft), and, okay, I may have really wanted “Why You Wanna” by Jana Kramer, but who cares that they didn’t have EVERY song I wanted? It’s free.

Now, I’m not sure why I would ever pay for entertainment. I’m pretty sure I’m just going to use the heck out of the library, because libraries are secretly cooler than sliced bread.


5 thoughts on “Libraries are SO Cool!

  1. Girl! You are so right. Libraries rock! I homeschool my kids, so we use our library system like crazy. Regular books, audio books, movies. I just started checking out ebooks. I did not know about the music, though. That is an important discovery. If there are 2 things I love, they are reading and listening to music 🙂

  2. I know, right?! I’m still a student, but the library is my favorite thing. So glad you got to rediscover it 🙂 Hope this is a great school year for you!

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