My Newly-Discovered Prejudice

Have you ever been wandering about, minding your business, to be rudely struck with your own flawed processes?

That’s what happened to me just last night.

I was on my way to dinner at Steve and Lori’s place, driving peacefully up Tangerine Rd.

Now, okay, I was probably poking along at the speed limit, rather than the obligatory 5 mph over that most Tucsonans go, but there was a nice, empty lane to my left, that was absolutely perfect for passing me in.

So. A car pulled up behind me, and stuck with me for a minute or so, and, seeing the handicapped hanger thing on the mirror, I just assumed this driver was like all of the gentle, handicapped drivers who tend to drive slower than the rest of us. However, after a minute or two more, the car started to tailgate me a bit. Then, before I knew it, the car was right on top of my bumper.

And my thought was, “Hey! You are supposed to be handicapped.”

Okay, so now, I get that that’s a silly thought. Being handicapped doesn’t limit anyone from flooring it or giving me the finger as they drive past, but I still somehow believe that everyone who has a handicapped sticker should drive slowly. As should old people.

Stereotype? Prejudice?” I don’t know, but it blows my mind that I was driving for a good eight or nine minutes with that car stuck to my tail… why would a handicapped person DO such a thing? I’d expect a perfectly healthy teenage girl on her cell phone to do that, or even a middle-aged man in an enormous new truck.

Epic fail.


4 thoughts on “My Newly-Discovered Prejudice

  1. Prius: probably a slow annoying lefty who imagines everyone else’s speed their responsibility… steer clear
    Subaru: ”
    PT cruiser: these people are often quite difficult to predict, usually very slow drivers except when passed, may also become quite aggressive despite being typically slow drivers
    BMW: usually a holes, but if you allow them to pass, they are a great decoy for the cops, allowing you to go just about as fast as you want for the next few miles
    VW: usually cool
    VW microbus: regardless of driver temperament, can’t go the speed limit
    F150: usually cool, but, may merge into you or shoot you
    Handicap plates: you nailed it
    CRVs: may try to force you not to go 5 over by taking up the only available lane, also see entry under Prius

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