Martin Luther… and his kidney stones :)

I was reading one of Martin Luther’s letters to his wife, and it struck me as really funny. I’m sure kidney stones were way more serious back in his day, when he didn’t have a urologist to pulverize the things, but his seriousness still got me laughing. Forgive me odd sense of humor.

“…I have not been well for three days and for a time until tonight have not been able to void one single drop of water, did not rest or sleep, and could not keep any drink or food in my stomach. All in all, I have been dead and have commended you, together with the children, to God, my good Lord, as though I would never see you again. I felt sorry for you but contented myself with the grave. That night many friends prayed so hard for me to God that the tears of the people persuaded the Lord to open my bladder tract, and within two hours I voided a large amount and felt as though I was born again.”

*This comes from the biography I’m currently reading called A Reformation Life: Katharina Von Bora p.108


4 thoughts on “Martin Luther… and his kidney stones :)

  1. Now you know how men are when they are not feeling well – my son has a cold today and is acting like its the end of the world and yes, sister and mom are laughing at him 😦

  2. I appreciate the use of the word “voided”. This is pretty much an exclusively medical word, I have never heard a non medical person use it. Very funny…

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