The Brief and Mysterious Life of a Blog

It’s really strange, but I’ve come to realize that several of those bloggers who originally got me excited about blogging and were my favorites, aren’t my favorites any more, and, in fact, I often only read their posts nowadays out of an odd sense of obligation. I’ve noticed that several of these blogs lost their luster around the same time the blogger published a manuscript. Occasionally, they seem to have just lost the magic they had with the beautiful, encouraging posts, but most often, they’ve just stopped posting.

Isn’t that sad?

I don’t want to be like that.

Of course, STILL GROWING has gone through its seasons of ups and downs (usually related to my own seasons of personal ups and downs), but I’ve remained as committed as ever to writing well, and finding kindred spirits in the wide world and the world wide web. However, I have seen myself running out of things to say, and finding the echoes of my own thoughts to be boring and self-indulgent. My favorite posts to write have started being the ones that are only relevant to me and those closest to me, and while that’s wonderful, and I always intended to use the blog as a venue for blessing the people in my life by letting them know my secret thoughts about them, most of you don’t know Shasta, the Johnsons, the Wattons, or the Hilsts, and probably don’t find much meaning in my overflowing-heart of gooing love for them.

So… how does one keep going?

How does a blogger continue in wit, will, wonder, and wisdom when a person only knows and experiences so much in a lifetime?

Does a blog have a lifespan? And, if so, can a determined blogger extend that season?

I’ve hit the point where I have to cut back to two or three days a week, because I don’t have anything to say the rest of the time. Also, one of those days has become someone else’s writing altogether, as I post a quote that’s gotten me thinking. Does this mean I’m nearing the end? What more is there to say that I haven’t already said?

As I approach the upcoming school year, I have to admit the upcoming months of students, lesson plans, national standards, and faculty meetings don’t exactly infuse my heart with joy when I think about coming home after exhausting days to then be faced with the challenge of finding suitable content for STILL GROWING.

How do we all do it? How do you do it? Most of you who read what I write also keep up your own little space on the interwebs, and I’m really not sure how you manage it. Do you only post when you feel like it? Are you super bored? Is it an escape for you? What is it that drives tired people to spend their free time in a weekly/daily mission to create magic from words? Are we crazy?


4 thoughts on “The Brief and Mysterious Life of a Blog

  1. When I can’t think of what to write about but know I should, I write something random. After that, a lot of ideas usually come to me… When that happens, I just write extra posts, save them in my WordPress dashboard and come back to them later when I’m having another lack of ideas. 🙂

  2. Hi there, I haven’t been here in a while! As you may know/have noticed, I started to move from a blog in English to a bilingual blog, but the experience failed miserably (I very quickly lost my motivation to write in it, and the bilingual aspect became more of a constraint, and not the freedom I’d expected.) Finally, I have closed both these blogs and am back with a blog only in French (which you will, then, probably not be able to read). Because it’s so new and I’ve been trying to attract new readers to it, I feel the opposite of what you’re saying: there’s so much I want to write, so much of me they don’t know! But of course, I am aware that this will gradually fade, and after my numerous blogging experiences, I can’t help trying to foresee and prevent the moment when I run out of things to say, or just get tired of updating the blog… And the best way to prevent something is to understand *why* it happens.
    I’d like to think that we run out of things to say when our life is too much the same over and over. In this respect, blogging may be a good motivation to keep trying new things, setting ourselves new challenges, new goals, just so we can keep blogging about it. 😉 If our blog is a reflection of our life, then to keep our blog refreshing and interesting, we must keep our life refreshing and interesting! But of course, sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy. Some periods of life certainly are too busy.
    Otherwise, like Paulina, I’ve decided to have a less formal approach of blogging and allow myself to be more random than I used to. Rather than post about specific topics and always go for sensible arguments and explanations, I’ve decided to just let myself express whatever thoughts or feelings cross my mind. Of course, there’s always going to be a filter, a way to present things to readers… But not everything has to sound like a paper or a newspaper article.

  3. I agree that sometimes it’s easy to write and other times it’s difficult. I write when I feel inspired. I have seasons where I have a lot to write, so I do. That way I have “extra” posts for when I’m not so inspired. I find I don’t have the time or quiet to write as much as I’d like:( Keep it up Katie. I enjoy reading your posts!

  4. Paulina and Jeanne – I applaud both of you for your lack of legalism 🙂 It would probably be wise for me to give myself some slack and run with the random… but I’m not sure that’s realistic with my personality.

    Jeanne – I SO wish I was bilingual so I could keep up with your postings. Also, I just admire you for being able to speak more than one language!

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