And as time goes on, I only gain in my geeky stature

I tend to think of summer as my allotted time of indulgences. What this means is that I go to Phoenix Comicon, read (and purchase) a new graphic novel, re-watch my favorite Next Gen. episodes, and rent a bunch of movies. Occasionally, I’ll also get into a new video game, but I usually reserve that as a distraction from life for during the school year.

So… how’s this summer shaping up?

Phoenix Comicon? Check. Saw the Shatner, who is not nearly as awesome as the Nimoy, but I took what was available.

New graphic novel? Not yet, but I suspect I’ll be reading about some Watchmen pretty soon.

Update: I thought this was going to take me longer than it has because of the unfortunate scarcity of comic shops in Tucson. My favorite one is about an hour away. I feel most comfortable in that particular shop because the owner is pretty much the only guy who works there, and he has specifically geared his shop towards kids who are encountering comics for the first time. I may not be a kid, but Charlie (that’s his name) is by far the best recommender of comic books ever and he’s just generally a nice guy who likes getting people excited about comics. However, it seems pretty ridiculous for me to drive for an hour just to buy comics.

My next favorite shop is about twenty-five minutes away, but I feel really uncomfortable with the way the workers there talk to me as if there’s no way I’m shopping for myself. They seem to think the only reason a girl could be entering their shop is to buy something for her boyfriend.

My least favorite shop is the closest, at about seventeen minutes away. However, this shop is pretty hard-core. There are no action figures or other toys; it’s solely comic books. There are no labels telling me where this week’s releases are, where the graphic novels are, or even where the divisions between DC, Marvel, and Vertigo are. Therefore, I always have to ask for help, and they always treat me as if I’m very rare and fragile, and they’d like to take me home and put me in a display case as the girl who entered the hard-core comic shop. Some of them flirt with me in the way that only a thirty-five-year-old comic shop employee can. The only thing I really enjoy about this shop is that, like Charlie, they give really good recommendations.

SOOOOOO… after that long tangent, the point is that I went to my second-least-favorite shop today and found that everything was 35% off, so I am now the proud owner of two graphic novels and five regular comics. However, instead of starting with Watchmen (I know I should just read it, but I’m not excited about it at all), I went ahead and started Transmetropolitan.

Additionally this summer, I’ve read Ender’s Game, and realized that it’s a pretty good book, eh? I was a little annoyed that the back of the book said something like, “It’s not a game for Ender anymore…” That gave me just enough info to figure out the big, shocking twist right before I read it, but other than that, I have no complaints. The story is excellent.

Also, I watched the newest Spider-Man movie, and it was pretty excellent as well. My friend Matt and I had a super hero discussion a day or two before we saw the movie, and I basically said that I would never love Spider-Man. I have a deep affection for Clark Kent, mostly because he’s my first super hero love. However, I think I’m slowly growing out of my love for capes and kryptonite, because Peter Parker tugged at my heart more than a scoash, and I think Ashly may have put it best when she said that I just hadn’t seen the right Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield is way better than that Tobey Maguire chap, and Emma Stone would probably lose to Kirsten Dunst in a cage match, but I still like her better anyway. Also, Matt’s point that Super Man has a bit too many powers and his tendency to be about to lose, but just summon all of his strength at the last second to win… is kind of annoying. Thanks to Matt, I may never be able to look at my oh-so-powerful journalist from the Daily Planet in quite the same way… but Peter Parker is all-the-more-appealing with every passing day.

What do you think? Do I fully qualify as a geek now? Or do I need to read my Heinlan before I pass the test?


2 thoughts on “And as time goes on, I only gain in my geeky stature

  1. :::Cracks Knuckles:::

    You know… I think you only write a rare post like this to get a long response from me.

    Watchmen and Transmetropolitian are very “mature” choices. I loved Watchmen and think it’s one of the best stand alone stories in comics ever. I routinely compare things I read to it. Many fall short of its mark and for good reason. It’s unique, based on some reality, and exciting.

    Transmetropolitain is not my cup of tea. Maybe it’s more to your liking…but it just doesn’t do it for me. I’m not saying it’s bad…just…not for me. If you like it, I would love to hear why you do.

    Ender’s Game is fantastic, but don’t you think it would have been even more fantastic had we both read it when we were much younger? I can only imagine how much more I would have been pulled into that story when I was 12. I would have thought and dreamed that something this awesome could have happened to me. How important a kid could become is just what I would be looking for.

    I was probably 22 when I read it. I still have a fantasy about floating around in the Battle Room…(Here’s to hoping that the movie is awesome)

    The new Spiderman, in my humble opinion, was better than the old Spiderman in many ways, but it was also worse in many ways. Overall I think they sort of amount to about the same movie. So…no harm, no foul.

    As for Superman… He’s just too perfect. Spiderman has flaws. This makes him better… I’m sure I’ve already discussed this at length here…

    I my eyes you already fully qualified as a geek/nerd. Your attendance to any ComicCon has made me jealous many times. But now you qualify as a much more well read geek/nerd. (I hope that title doesn’t offend you).

    And the whole Heinlein thing…Just remember…He’s a little weird at times. You have to give him some room and just let him do his thing. It usually pays off.

  2. I don’t know that I love Transmetropolitan, but I do like it a lot. I really like the first issue/chapter when Spider Jerusalem has crazy hair and is a hermit mountain man. The artwork for that part is my fave. Also, I like Spider as a character. I like that he’s cynical and would rather be alone and naked than with other people. I also like that even though he’s morally bankrupt in tons of ways, he truly desires truth and justice, and fights for those things at every opportunity.


    I also heard that Patrick Stewart really wanted to play Spider Jerusalem in a movie, so he had someone use a sharpy to draw the spider tattoo on his head, then took a pic and sent it to a producer or something.

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