Deserving to be Damned

Heads up: The following quote is pretty offensive, but not all offensive things are untrue. I agree with Dawson, but I totally get it if you don’t.

Humanity does not deserve the love of God any more than you or I do. We should never be Christian humanists, taking Jesus to poor, sinful people, reducing Jesus to come kind of product that will better their lot. People deserve to be damned, but Jesus, the suffering Lamb of God, deserves the reward of His suffering.”

John Dawson Taking Our Cities for God (208-209)

I’d never thought of salvation this way… that Jesus deserves for us to be saved. Enlightening, eh?


4 thoughts on “Deserving to be Damned

  1. We talked about this in student ministry this morning, a bit. To share the “gospel” with someone saying, “Jesus loves you! Come to Jesus and your life will be great!” is an incomplete gospel. While not incorrect, it is incomplete and can lead someone down a path that will not ultimately lead them to Jesus. He is our Savior King. He is the Lord and Christ as Paul writes in Acts, I think. And to share His love with someone without also (at least eventually) coming to the point of defining and expecting repentance isn’t the complete gospel. I guess Ray Comfort puts it this way- to give a man a parachute on a plane and say “This will improve your flight” and then watch him sit awkwardly, hunched over with the weight of the cumbersome parachute on his back, while fellow passengers ridicule him for his seemingly ill-thought-out choice is to tell someone “Here, take Jesus. He will improve your life.” But to give the man a parachute on the plane and say “In 5 minutes we will be jumping from this plane 10,000 feet down, you need this parachute” allows the man the resolve he needs to face the discomfort and ridicule that he will certainly face, for he knows it is his salvation. That is quite simplified an example, but truly so powerful! Jesus is my Savior and once in that relationship with Him, He can be so very much more than that to me. But I cannot know His love aside from knowing the work of His blood to redeem me.

  2. I didn’t mean to be harsh. Actually, I just came back to remove my post. If you are after Jesus’ heart, He will guide you. I pray that my words edify and encourage and exhort if need be, but let it be the Spirit moving. Amen.

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