The Honor of Rememberance

“Do this in remembrance of me…”

A few weeks ago, I was hanging out with the Johnsons, and Lisa asked me about something I’d been frustrated with way back when we first met.

Do you know when we first met?

2005 maybe.

That’s seven years ago.

Now, if I thought very highly of myself, I’d be all like, “Of course everyone remembers everything I ever say.” But, I honestly don’t think I’m all that memorable. I think I’ve been around for some memorable moments, and I love to reminisce about the good ol’ days when we all used to get together and play Texas Hold ’em or when a group of us went on a hike… or whatever. But those are activities and groups. They are times when I was a part of something that was memorable.

This thing that Lisa was asking about didn’t include any other people she knew and was mostly me being frustrated about something stupid.

But she remembered.

It’s something that I didn’t think was worthy of remembrance, so that made it all the more honoring that Lisa remembered. It made me realize that I’m more important to her than I think I am.

Isn’t that cool?

It’s cool because of what it said about our relationship, but it’s also cool because of what it says about remembering. It’s an honor when someone shows that they remember… memory honors its object.

Which is what I was thinking about when Jesus’ words popped into my head.

“Do this in remembrance of me…”

I didn’t see it before, but there’s something in that. There’s an element of honor and relationship. I used to think the remembering during communion was about aligning my thoughts with the ultimate substitutionary atonement… so that I’d be less likely to just go through the motions of the Christian faith and more likely to be grounded in the basics.

But it’s more than that.

Because memory honors its object, and when Jesus is the object of our memory, He is honored. The relationship is honored. And it seems really simple, but communion occurs.

Do you think that’s why it’s called communion?





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