I should never ref anything!

Dodgeball pictogram

Dodgeball pictogram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, Dear Readers!

For some reason, I’ve been really enjoying my job this semester… which means that I’m volunteering for things… like reffing the dodgeball tournament.

In my first year of teaching, I reffed the tournament, and only made one call the entire night. It was a pretty controversial move, too, because all I did the whole night is throw a kid out of a game for dropping the ‘F’ bomb. Had the other refs been enforcing that rule, it wouldn’t have been controversial at all for me to enforce it, but they weren’t. 🙂

This year, I did my best not to make any calls again, but there weren’t enough refs for me to be paired up the entire time, so I had to make a few calls… most of which were fine. Kids are stupid, so they’ll get hit dead-center in the chest and then act like you’re a moron for calling them out. Therefore, the good refs are the ones who make a call then stick to it.

However, there is one circumstance when that strategy sucks a lot.

So… Kid throws the ball, and I’m pretty sure Other Kid deflects it with his own ball… which should mean Other Kid is not out. I call him NOT OUT… but then he starts to walk off the court because he knows he got hit… then his teammates tell him that I called him NOT OUT, and I can’t take back my call. And the kid I called NOT OUT ends up being the only one left at the end of the game.



In addition to the making a horrendous call, I saw a nose get broken, boys wearing one-piece women’s bathing suits and a ton of other really fun things. Aaaannnd because I was reffing, I managed to convince something like 20 of my students to compete, and they were adorable – especially the one who was on the men in tights team… and you guessed it, they wore tights. His were bright teal, and they all had nice superhero undewears worn over their tights. And they took third place.


So, what’s up next for me since I’m SO motivated right now?

I volunteered to help out in the casino for project grad night… basically, the school throws a big party after graduation so kids don’t do anything too stupid. We raffle off a car, have a dance floor, feed them, and do a ton of other really awesome things, including CASINO!

I’m really hoping they’ll let me deal poker.


5 thoughts on “I should never ref anything!

  1. I would work Project Graduation if they let me deal poker or black jack. I would do it for hours. I would also demand that people give me free soda. I would also demand that green visor and those armband things they wore on their sleeves.

    Also, I would do a dodgeball tournament as long as I had a really awesome whistle.

    • They definitely gave me a whistle… with a red rope thing attached to it 😉

      Next year, I’m going to recruit a ton of other teachers to play, and our team name is going to be “the Educators”.


      I’m going to recruit five of the most agile male students at the school to be on my team so I’ll be ensured victory.

  2. sounds like you are enjoying yourself… it must be warming up outdoors – what is a normal temperature for this time of year?

    David in Maine USA

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