Highlight of My Week!

One of the students in my sixth period class bursts into the room and says, “Ms. James! I have to write something on your board!”

He sets a bouquet of yellow flowers on one of the desks in the back row, and proceeds to hurriedly erase everything on the board, replacing it with


Prom with Christian?



The bell rings, and he sits quietly in his desk.

Courtney is texting as she walks to her desk and sees the flowers just as she puts her phone away. She looks a little perplexed, but smiles and stares at the flowers.

She sits down, sets her backpack down, and holds the flowers without looking up.

We’re all waiting, but she keeps not looking up.

I finish taking attendance, and she finally looks up.

“Awwww…” she says.

Christian is waiting.

“Oh, right… I’m supposed to check yes or no.”

She walks up to the board and very matter-of-factly checks yes, then goes back to her seat. She doesn’t even look at Christian, which is weird for all of us, but especially for him, so he gets up and walks over to her desk.

She looks up at him expectantly confused.

“You weren’t even going to hug me!” he accuses.

They hug.




What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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