It’s over, Anakin. I have the high ground.


I’m cranky.

Shasta and I have a lovely place to live, except for one thing; we have mean neighbors.

Last night, we had some friends over to our apartment for a Passover Dinner thing – yes, we know it was the wrong day. We ate, read the Bible, washed feet and sang.

Out of her courteous nature, Shasta had previously (four days in advance) informed our neighbors that we’d be hosting this little shindig and asked if there were any problems between them and us. We’d had problems with them before when the woman who lives there came over on a weekend night to inform us that at 10:15 she and her husband had been trying to sleep for three hours. When Shasta told the man about our plans, he was very kind to her and didn’t mention anything that needed to be talked through.

So… Passover dinner started at 6:30, and at 8:30, our neighbor lady came up, knocked on the door, and told us to keep it down.

This was before the music started. In fact, it was just after we’d read several chapters out of the Bible (which is a pretty quiet activity in my experience).

We closed the windows and whatnot, but continued on with our night… seeing as IT WAS 8:30!

Then, at about 9:45, while we were singing, she came upstairs and dropped a few F bombs and tried to order me about.

At my core, I have the heart of an athlete, and therefore, girls/women talking to me like that is the kind of thing that normally would at least lead to a series of pitches brushing her off the plate, and in extreme circumstances, might justify a bench-clearing brawl.

I didn’t punch her, I promise.

I said something like, “Can we talk for a sec?”

I was intending to explain to her that we are not legally or morally obligated to stop having friends over because she and her husband have a 7:00 bedtime. I intended to tell her that it was probably better if she call the cops if she truly believes we’re disturbing the peace.

Instead, she yelled profanities at me and I went for a ten-minute barefoot walk to cool off.

However, the only part of this event that redeemed it in my mind is the moment when she was standing about 7 stairs below me (we live on the second floor and she’s on the first), telling me to “shut the *&^% up!” and all I could picture was that moment right before Anakin lost his limbs and ended up bathing in lava, when Obi Wan was standing in a position relatively similar to the one I held against the mean lady, and he was all, “It’s over Anakin. I have the high ground!”

Anakin was like, “You underestimate my power!”

And Obi was like, “Don’t try it.”

But did Anakin listen?


Goal for today: Draft a letter to the office letting them know that I regard this lady’s behavior as harrassment and will be calling TPD next time she yells at me. Maybe the police knocking on her door at 10 pm will help her husband sleep.


6 thoughts on “It’s over, Anakin. I have the high ground.

  1. Wow! I am so sorry about this. All I can think is that it was enemy attack. You were celebrating the Passover Supper of the Lamb, and here came someone yeling profanities and trying to stop you. It also reminds me of the insults that Jesus endured in His last hours. Sounds to me like your battle is not with flesh and blood but with the powers on this earth. I encourage you to pray for this woman…I will pray, too!
    Love in Christ,

      • Praying for you, too! This is “where the rubber meets the road” as I say…
        God, give Katie what she needs! Fill her with your Spririt and guide her. She is so precious. Bless her and Shasta. Cover their apartment. Protect them. Be a wall of fire around them. Bless their weekend and celebration of you! Let nothing distract them. Defeat the enemy by your power! I stand with Katie – arm in arm, hearts connected by your cord of love!! Break through to this woman, Lord. Only you can! Let your light and love come into her darkness. In the mighty name of Jesus! Amen.

  2. Katie, me and you are similar in many ways but this situation is one area where we differ. I know you’re very serious about this topic and I can only imagine the frustration you are experiencing dealing with it. I hope the best for you and I’m sure things will work out. But while I can sometimes be serious….well….you know me.

    The whole scene when this happens in Revenge of the Sith is a classic in my opinion. I have quoted it many times to make a joke as well as to remind myself (or others) of our positions in an argument. You have made a good point. You are truly the Jedi and she is the Sith.

    You have seen the practical value of this scene and have responsibly decided to follow the rules of your apartment complex (or whatever housing complex you live in) and to follow the rules of the law. You aren’t going to do anything illegal in this matter because it shows you to be the bigger person in this situation. You are going to be as kind and respectful dealing with these Anakinesque neighbors. I think that’s what Christ would expect of us all.

    And if you feel harassed you have every legal right to call the police and let them handle the situation. Well done by you. You have the moral high ground, much like Obi-Wan.

    I, on the other hand, would not see the metaphorical value in this classic scene. I would prefer to see this resolved as a realistic example rather than a metaphorical guide.

    That’s right. I would try to build a lightsaber and cut off her legs if she tried it again. I would even repeat the same line “I have the high ground” as I peered down the stairs with my saber glowing with might and grace. I would even leave her to die by a lava pit. (And yes, if I had my own apartment I would be sure to install one)

    And just like any Sith…she would face a terrible fate.

    I’m only somewhat kidding…

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