The Whimsical Miss Leigh

I dropped my Bio class. I didn’t think about it much; I sort of just did it.

A little bit ago, I went on a date thing with a guy I asked out… without thinking much before calling him.

I got my nose pierced – didn’t think much about that.

Does this make me whimsical? When you really pay attention to that word, you have to connect it with the word whim, which completely alters the definition. I usually think of flowy dresses and fairies as whimsical, but that’s not so much what it means.

People who let whim guide their lives are whimsical.

And, okay, those kinds of people can be annoying.

It’s really difficult to plan when your life is intertwined with another person’s whimsical life, because whimsical people don’t care about plans very much. They’re unpredictable and can be inexplicable.

I don’t think that quite describes me, but I do think I follow my whims a ton. The question is: do I still manage to be reliable when I want to be?

Example: Church is not a whimsical setting for me. If I’m supposed to greet at church, I show up when I’m supposed to (or occasionally 5 minutes late) rather than when I feel like it.

Work is also not a whimsical setting for me.

On the other hand…

Home is whimsical. I want to come home when I feel like it, leave home when I feel like it, sleep when I feel like it, eat when I feel like it, etc… I don’t do well when things are expected of me without my consent.

But what if I’m that annoying person who ruins plans?

I remember last year at Comicon, I totally planned to go to Geek Prom. I paid $5 for a ticket, and then when the time came to actually go, I decided I didn’t want to, and instead ordered room service and went to sleep early.

Comicon is a whimsical setting to me.

Now, of course I was exhausted and that’s a huge part of why I didn’t want to go to Geek Prom, but it was also just whim.

That decision made roommate Amy pretty mad at me, and I can understand why… because I was that annoying person led by whim, when she wanted to go to Geek Prom with me.

But there has to be a place for whim in our lives, right?

Then, I think about how I’m constantly telling people that I’m 42% sure I will do whatever thing it is we’re considering doing together. I tell them that so they can measure the amount of whim they’ll need to account for, because I know whimsical people can be annoying I know my whim and fancy chasing can be annoying… so I compensate by communicating my commitment level.

I’m running out of thoughts now, but I don’t think I’ve fully expressed it.

The absence of whim sucks!

You know I’m right.

I think the process of growing up (for most people) involves letting whims pass by.

But I think the process of growing wise, peaceful and relaxed after growing up (for most people) involves allowing whims to grip us occasionally.

What do you think? Is following the moment’s fancy a good habit? Is it annoying?


5 thoughts on “The Whimsical Miss Leigh

  1. It depends on the setting. I think that you’re whimsical for things that don’t matter because you can be. It gets tiring always being the person who makes plans and ACTUALLY shows up or who shows up on time for things. Basically you’re the person who always does what she says she’s going to do. So, when you have a chance to be whimsical and cancel plans or make new, weird plans and it doesn’t hurt or change anything- you do it! I think it’s brilliant. And it keeps your life a little more exciting.

    • Thanks, Lori. You’re so wonderfully encouraging. I was actually thinking about our conversation from our 10-mile run when we were talking about how much I didn’t want to get up and go, but did because I knew you’d be sad and alone on your run if I didn’t. You and Steve are my role models for the balance between whimsy and reliability. 🙂

  2. You have no idea how much I can relate to this! My sister’s ex-boyfriend once called me “whimsical”, which surprised me because he didn’t know me very well, and I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant.

    But if that’s the way you define it, I’m afraid I am pretty whimsical, too! I don’t think I am unreliable (though I also have a tendency to be just on time or 5-10 minutes late), I only change my mind regarding things I feel won’t harm anyone. Things that don’t *really* matter.

    Life is complicated and busy as it is, and letting oneself and one’s feelings/needs come second can often mean wasting time doing things that aren’t all that meaningful after all. Maybe, like me, you’re a wholehearted kind of person, so you feel like you’d rather not do things if you’re going to do them halfheartedly. Although you also probably know that sometimes, you have to start something before you feel like it. Or show up somewhere before you’re happy to be there. 🙂

  3. I never really knew what whimsical meant. It always made me think of musical, so I always associated it with dancing and singing and happiness and joy.

    But now that I think about it, I am indeed whimsical. (Or at least impulsive.) I believe spontaneity is what makes life exciting; otherwise your entire life is recorded in a planner or on a calendar and nothing exciting happens. Okay, weddings and graduation may be exciting, but that’s not what I mean; your friend calling out of the blue on a Tuesday morning inviting you to his birthday party is exciting because you never know what’s going to happen there…

    But, I agree that part of being mature is passing up whims to commit to responsibilities or prior engagements…

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