Yeah, Spring Break!

Hello, dear readers.

How are you?

I’m super-duper.

You know why?

Because I’m a teacher and don’t have to work today.

That’s right – you are probably at least three hours from the end of your workday, and my day has only sort of started in the sense that I went to pick up an extra ticket to the midnight premier of THE HUNGER GAMES, walked for an hour-and-a-half, read for an hour, and just ordered my hot chocolate and checked email.

In case you were wondering, I’m sitting next to CP at my old Starbucks haunt, and I’m jazzed to feel so completely rested and relaxed.

Just ONE MORE QUARTER and I can be rid of my current group of hoodlums.


Also, this week at church has been rather interesting because it occurs to me that I’ve been at Holy Cross for nearly a year now.

Last week, I was waxing nostalgic because it’s been almost a year since my previous church, The Crossing ended, but on Sunday, Pastor Pete did one of those things where he pretended not to know me because he was meeting some people sitting with me who he really didn’t know, so I pretended not to know him. Then he made a comment about how silly that is because, “How long have you been around for? Forever?”

And that’s when it hit me.

The people at my church have hit that point where they don’t remember when I started coming, but feel like it’s been a good long while since.

Cool, huh?

Then, I went to dinner with the girls from church last night, and one of them convinced herself that I’d been at the church longer than she had.

THENNNNNN… Bekah and I started to reminisce about a thing or two and I realized that I’ve been to CA to see the beach with her, and she supported me with signs and cheering at one of my half marathons.

And that’s when it really started to seem real.

Holy Cross is my church.

We have a history now.

All of the going to stuff that makes me feel uncomfortable and pretending that I’m not uncomfortable and talking at Bible study even though I’d much rather read my Bible at home alone, and letting them see my softball skillz…

It’s real.

They know me.

Of course it’s not like the way Steve and Lori, Shasta, the Hilsts, the Wattons, Miss Lisa, and all the rest know me.

But they know me.

And something else that’s cool is how they’ve formed their understandings of who I am based entirely on interactions with me.

Sometimes I feel sad that when the previous church split into four distinct parts, my part consisted of me and no one else.

But it’s also really cool because the relationships I built are real and didn’t form on the foundations of my relationships with anyone else. They didn’t form based on my Facebook presence or how anyone else sees me.


Last night at dinner, I was loving a painting that was on the wall at the restaurant, and I wanted to take a picture of it. Natalie noticed that and we talked about how I write and whatnot… and she made a comment about how artsy I am.


I know, right?

So many people notice how competitive and athletic I am, but I don’t think anyone’s ever called me artsy, which makes me really happy.

Because I am relatively artsy.

I, mean, I’m not going to cut me ear off anytime soon, but I like to go to the theater, paint, write, dance (when it’s structured)…

I totally have an artsy part to me.

Eventually, Natalie will start to see the other, competitive parts of me, but I’m happy with the realization that not everyone sees the same parts first, and the further I get from softball, the more easily I fall into other categories. 🙂

I don’t know if being called artsy is a compliment, but I’ll take it.

Much Love Everyone.



5 thoughts on “Yeah, Spring Break!

  1. I have been at my church for almost 6 years now! I understand that moment when you realize you’re no longer a newbie. I think artsy is a great compliment:) Angie

  2. Love this! So happy for you…praising God for your faith community and for your fun, relaxing spring break. Everything you have been doing sounds fabulous 🙂 I am so excited,, too…I am going to see Hunger Games tonight with some girlfriends. Yay!

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