Overlooking the Folly

I’ve been studying Proverbs for the past few weeks. It’s a book that I’ve read a ton of times, but spent very little thought on, which is really unfortunate. It always seemed like a big, boring list to me, so I studied Proverbs 31 (because I thought I had to), and that was about it.


In addition to my current reading about wisdom, I’ve been listening to a 2009 series from Mars Hill church about Proverbs, and everything about the past two years seems to be clearer as I stop looking at everything I did with but my heart was so pure spectacles.

My heart was pure.

In fact, I’m not sure there’s ever been a time in my life when I had better intentions.

I had compassion, mercy, love, faith, selflessness, determination, forgiveness, gentleness…

And yet, I lacked wisdom.

It never occurred to me that something I did with such a pure heart could be so purely folly.

That’s not to say that God didn’t or isn’t using my folly for His good.

But it is to say that my folly led to exactly the things the Bible said it would, and none of them were pleasant.

It’s also to say that the best heart in the world is a wonderful thing, but it still must be directed in wisdom.

This whole growing thing is complicated, eh?

I thought my job was to focus on doing good and avoiding evil, but life tends to get shadier than that… there are plenty of things that aren’t evil but also aren’t wise.

Proverbs is a good book and I’m glad I’m reading it… but I also wish I had only to concern myself with my heart.

I wish having the purest of intentions was a sure indicator that we’re on the best path.

But alas, earwax!


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