Questions in my Brain

Is it wrong or unkind for me to enter certain relationships in which I have no intention of allowing the other person to change me?

How many close friends can and should I have?

Is it possible to know which people are humbly broken rather than hypocrites Jesus would have rebuked?

With every option open and no direction from God, how does a girl make long-term decisions?

How long is too long to invest with no evidence it will ever change anything?

What are my spiritual gifts, and how does God want me to use them?

Why does it seem like encouraging others is less of a service than directing them is?

Am I still here because I’m too much of a chicken to be somewhere else?

Is it wrong to be content in a season of refilling rather than pouring myself out for others?

When is summer going to arrive?

Will I ever publish a book?

Is it selfish to want to publish a book, and is it arrogant to think I will?

Why isn’t life always as fun as the Ragnar Relay is?

Are the students getting stupid, or am I just getting more judgmental?

Do I ever want to settle down?

Is it possible to get married and not settle down?

What if I never get married? What if I do?

Are poor Steve and Lori going to have to move me every few years until we’re all too old to carry those stupid shelves?

Why does Hebrews 11 commend Moses for his faith in choosing “to be mistreated with the people of God rather than enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin…” but Exodus makes it seem like he didn’t choose at all?

How can I live a life that matters? How can I matter?

Am I ever going to run a marathon? Am I going to beat my personal best for the half next month?

Why isn’t it possible to be at peace with everyone? Why are there some relationships that I toil at for years and never quite settle?

Am I stagnant, or am I being patient?

Why don’t I feel like reading any fiction lately? Why is it taking me so long to finish The Count of Monte Cristo and Interview with the Vampire?

Do questions like these haunt everyone, or am I weirdo?


7 thoughts on “Questions in my Brain

  1. Love your post, I might just copy this idea for my blog and Your not weird at all! We all have questions! I think it’s weird to not have any questions!!

  2. The question is have you started trying to answer any of those questions as yet? I have found that the more questions I have, the more overwhelm I become so I try to find a resolution as soon as possible (sometimes the answer is I just don’t know). Life Journey… Godspeed 🙂

  3. I think most of these questions are questions that most people question at some point or another. Questioning yourself with questions, such as these, shows me (and hopefully yourself) that you’re doing something most people don’t do often enough. Questioning who they are. This is, unquestionably, the sign of a very healthy person.

    Question: How many times did I use the word question in this comment?

    Answer: 9. (Personal Best)

    Katie…you only used this word twice (including title). But all of them are very good ones, many that I ponder myself.

  4. Good questions. My answer to the first one is: Not at all. I think it’s wrong to enter a relationship wanting to “change” someone, rather than spur them on to be better. One of my worst fears is the Pygmalion who likes to “fix” women. It’s just another form of objectification. I don’t need a man to be my savior. I want someone who is as broken as me, yet knows God is the healer of all things. Anyone with plans to redecorate needs to start with themselves. :] (P.S. These questions haunt everyone… thanks for answering that last question for me.)

    • Kitty – I totally agree with you. I’ve entered relationships before and wanted to change the other person, but I look back on those times and consider the complete folly and arrogance it took for me to think I should change someone else.

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