Why is the Principal SOOOOOO Scary?

I’m not going to hide it; I slacked off a little at work last week. Don’t worry – I worked… I just procrastinated on the work I didn’t want to do and rearranged all of the furniture and wall decorations in my classroom instead.

I think maybe that’s why it felt like I’d downed a shot of adrenaline when my principal called my classroom and asked me to come see him in his office during my planning period.

Deep down, I know that I’m the model employee. I do everything they ever ask me to do. I complain less than any other teacher in the world. I have had fewer parent problems that require administrator intervention than the three and a half years I’ve been a teacher. I attend all meetings and get along with everyone.

I don’t know why I panicked when the Boss told me he wanted to talk to me.

There wasn’t a single reason I should think he’d be mad at me – like he really has the time and inclination monitor whether I grade papers or move furniture…


Regardless of all logic, I freaked out and convinced myself I’d be losing my job – after all, I’ve lost my job three times now and have only been called in to see the principal those three times.

I totally didn’t lose my job.

My principal called me down to offer me three weeks of extra pay to cover an extra class.

I accepted.

What is it about principals that makes them so intimidating?

I must be thinking too much of Mr. Belding, right?


4 thoughts on “Why is the Principal SOOOOOO Scary?

  1. :::screeching of brakes::::

    Hold the phone there Katie….

    You were intimidated by Mr. Belding? Like… from Saved By The bell?

    He just hung around with kids. And… I guess hung around with kids. And the school only consisted of something close to 6 or 7 real students and the rest were nameless redshirts.

    Mr. Belding….

    Maybe we watched a different Saved By The Bell…

  2. I will only admit that I have seen that episode. I will not admit I even found him scary. But my memory is very hazy.

    I should also point out that I made a FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC pun in the comment above.

    Screeching…of brakes…



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