Which is Worse, Incompetence or Evil?

I think I’ve been an idiot a lot lately. 

I love watching the show Smallville. There’s this one scene in particular that I can relate to right at this moment in time. Lionel Luthor closes down a LuthorCorp plant in Smallville and publicly blames it on his son, Lex. Lex tells Clark what’s happened, saying that people in the town have two theories: either Lex ran the plant into the ground intentionally because he’s trying to get back at his dad for something OR he did it out of incompetence. He and Clark go on to discuss which of those two perceptions Lex would prefer people to have, and Lex says that being viewed as evil but brilliant is far better than having people view him as an idiot. 

In the past, I think I’ve always agreed with Lex. It hurts less for people to admire my intelligence and execution than to have them admire nothing at all. 

That’s dumb, though. It may make me feel better to know that I’m admired, but shouldn’t I rather take care that I’m not rotting inside with evil?

John Candy in Cool Runnings said that “a gold medal is a wonderful thing, but if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.” 

Why don’t I get that?  I’ve been watching that movie & memorizing it since I was YOUNG, but I still think my relationships with people and with God are based on the gold medals… the competencies rather than the heart. 


Quit trying to earn and deserve things that can’t be earned or deserved!

*If you recognize this post, that’s because I originally published it way back in September of 2010, and have revised it and added a poll for your current reading and participating pleasure.


3 thoughts on “Which is Worse, Incompetence or Evil?

  1. I do sometimes wish I was seen as “evil” rather than a fool.

    If people see me as aware, but wrong, maybe they would still think I could change or act differently at a later time. If people see me as a moron, I may not be able to convince them of anything. They may disregard me completely.

    Also, you should be aware. Every time I see an open box to write my own response in… I will.

    Oh, I will.

  2. Thanks (as always) for your honesty. Pride is a booger-bear…always getting us in trouble. The whole problem of worrying about our image/people’s perceptions of us can really cause major trouble. I am thankful that God gives us for free what we could never earn. When I really feel His love and believe the truth of who I am to Him and in Him, none of the other stuff matters. I just pray for more of that – more of His love and truth – for ALL of us. That is what will protect us from the temptations & lies of the world. Hang in there, Katie! You are not alone. And, your heart is full of the love of Jesus…no “gold medal” can even hold a candle to that!

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