Katie James’s Day Off!

Hello, Dear Readers!

Good day to you!

You know why it’s a good day? I definitely took it off of work!




That’s right. My students spent the day reading silently with a person they’ve probably never met. I spent it sleeping in, going for a drive, talking to Jesus in the wilderness, visiting a long, lost friend, watching Troy, eating chocolate, going for a run, and reading feedback on the first ten chapters of my manuscript!

At around eight-thirty, I got out of bed and made a lovely breakfast burrito, following it up with some left-over cake that Shasta bought to hostess our Valentine’s day event last night. We definitely had a few girls over and watched the third installment of the Stupid Sparkly-Vampires series, hating Bella for being such a dumb girl, hating Jacob and Edward for being so pathetic, and providing way better commentary than Riff Tracks could ever provide.

After my cake this morning, I got in the car and drove my V-dub out into the desert on windy roads. I thought about how crazy it is that it snowed for about 18 minutes during lunch yesterday, but the desert was already sunny and beautiful again. I contemplated the way the desert makes us redefine what is beautiful.

Then, I talked out-loud to Jesus in the wilderness. Luckily, I picked a good spot where I could see the six or seven people who also thought today was a lovely day for a hike, so none of them caught me in the act. I prayed thanks for all of the things that God is blessing me with right now… a peaceful home, possibilities of career things for next year, decent students, REALLY GREAT FRIENDS, a renewed spirit, rest… I asked Him to give me direction for the future, because I’m sailing without a map right now. And I asked Him what to do about Bible study, because it’s just not working out right now. I asked Him for romance, because yesterday was Valentine’s day, and I’m doing my best to believe and hope He’ll give me another shot or two and soon. The cool thing about being a high school teacher on Valentine’s day, is seeing how much hope teenagers hold. I got to see a grand gesture or two, a lot of heart-shaped balloons, and the choir kids singing love songs for $1. A student even enlisted them to sing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ to me.

They made me wear a pink boa.

After my time in the wilderness, I dropped by my friend Lauren’s house, and it was lovely to be spontaneous with such a splendid friend. I’ve got a three-mile run in about an hour.

And today is the type when I have to reclaim my idealism and hope for the best. I hope you’ll banish the cynic in your heart today, as well, and take a moment to believe in the grand gesture, just like my students do.

And if all else fails, I’ve been listening to Tim McGraw’s version of the song “Tiny Dancer”, which is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s heart.

Much love,



One thought on “Katie James’s Day Off!

  1. Good for you for embracing the day! I always play catch up which stinks, you have taught me that by recharging yourself then the rest will happen easier – because it’s always going to be there.

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