“Twenty Seconds of Embarassing Courage”

I’ve been trying to write this post for weeks.

Shasta (BFF and Roommate Extraordinaire) and I, saw the adorable movie We Bought a Zoo, and I’ve been trying to find a way to write a post about it ever since. There’s this great line in the movie that says “Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of embarassing courage.”

That’s pretty much my life motto.

I’ve done quite a few things that terrified me, and I’ve had people admire the dauntless quality of my character before (if you haven’t done it yet, you need to read Veronica Roth’sΒ Divergent so you can appreciate what I just wrote).

But… the thing is that nobody is dauntless.

I know you’ve read all sorts of quotes about overcoming fear, but the truth is that I was terrified to go to Mongolia, jump off that balcony, pitch against the U of A softball team, get my nose pierced, go white-water rafting, speak in front of my new church, tell that boy that I was melty for him, get a tattoo, hike the Grand Canyon, run a half-marathon…

But what it takes to do those things isn’t dauntlessness… it’s twenty seconds of embarassing courage, followed by annoying stubbornness.

Take the decision to get my nose pierced.

I thought about how cool it would be to have my nose pierced.

I found out when Shasta was free and told her we were going to do something during that time.

I waited and didn’t think about it.

I picked Shasta up and started driving. I thought, I can back out now and no one will know.

Shasta and I got close to the tattoo shop and she figured out what we were doing.

We went inside, and I used my twenty seconds of courage to tell the guy working that I wanted to have my nose pierced.

I waited.

He led me to the chair and I sat down.

I thought, I could back out now, but that would be dumb (See where the stubbornness comes in?).

He jammed a needle through my nose, and it was done.

No regrets… just a lot of people being like, “Whoa, Katie… you are so edgy and dauntless!” Okay, they totally don’t say that, but that’s what I feel like they’re saying anytime they talk about my nose ring… unless they’re too busty making me feel like my grandfather would turn over in his grave if only he knew. πŸ™‚

Twenty seconds of embarassing courage followed by annoying stubbornness…

It’s not a horrible motto to live by… you get a few scars and bruises, but those don’t matter so much as being able to look at your life and know that you didn’t miss out.


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